Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's OK/ Thankful Thursday

I know after yesterday many of you out there think I am going off the deep end.  But today has already started off better than yesterday.  And the headache that was causing me to be in a horrible way is finally gone.
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK...
...that I took headache medicine first thing this morning just in case my headache thinks it wants to come back today.  Preventative Medicine!!!
...that my hair looks terrible today.  I need a haircut soooo bad and the rain isn't helping matters.
...that breakfast this morning was balanced on the dash board of my car.
That takes skill and talent
...that I am not going to get an outside workout in for the next few days.  We have rain in the forecast.
...that I got stood up twice in one week by the same guy!  Guess he didn't want to buy my house after all.
...that I'm apparently the only person in the free world that didn't watch the ESPY awards last night.  And that ain't the half....I have no desire to catch the highlights today!  BRING ON THE OLYMPICS!
...that this made me laugh out loud this morning.  So true...
...that breakfast didn't quite fill me up.  Snack time is coming soon.  But I am obviously not eating enough for breakfast because this is the second day in a row I have been hungry by 9:30am.
...that I have 2 new television obsessions:  NY Med and Craft Wars.  Dr. Oz, yes! and crafting stupid stuff out of garbage...why am I not on this show!

Thankful Thursdays Button

I'm Thankful...

...for Day 4!!!!  Over the first 3 days of MM (Metabolism Miracle) and that the rest of these 8 weeks should be amazing and easy!  haha!

...for Rain.  It has made my hair look stupid but I know we needed it so Ill be thankful for it.  I actually like rain, and if I could get a few storms out of this it would work for me.

Looks like rain!

...that this weekend and next week, if all goes as planned, I will get to see my Best Cuz and her babies!  Please don't go out of town!

...that all week this week not one time has anyone baked fresh baked cookies at my office.  After the doughnuts, skittles, and pizza temptations I just don't know if I have enough strong to resist a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie.

...I get to go to Nashville this weekend and do make-up for a wedding.  I love doing this!  If people will let me I will take pictures, but for some reason people are not crazy about before pictures without makeup.

I promise (unless something changes in the near future) I will be in a better mood today.  I really did try yesterday but I failed miserably. 

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