Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lunch Time

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I come to you on my lunch break today.  OK, well this is hour two of my lunch hour now.  I took the first hour to go get my hair cut, pay my cell phone bill, and fill my car up with gas so there was not a lot of time for food.  And plus since I pack my food everyday it makes lunch the perfect time to do errands. 

Like I said, I got my hairs cut on lunch and I am loving my new style.  Its nothing new really just cleaned up a bit, but last night during my workout I realize that it was out of control.  It was in my eyes and I had a minor mullet going down the back of my neck!  I had to get it cut...TODAY!


After...and a new "That Girl" Photo!

This little girl at great clips has done a really good job on the cut but she always styles my hair like hers.  If I wanted her hair style I would ask for it.  I had to get my hands in it but once I did I loved it!

On to other news, so far today I have not felt pukish (I'm trademarking that word I think!)  I have made it to lunch which is a good sign.  I have made it past 2 meals, and 2 rounds of vitamins, and two pain pills my stomach is holding out.  I hope I make it all day, then I can know that I just had a bug and maybe its not my diet or pills.

I think tonight I'm going to have another night like the last, just elliptical and bike.  I cant do weights again so Ill just have to crank up the intensity!  Maybe with my new hair cut I wont look like a drowned rat with a mullet and I will be somewhat presentable for Choir Practice. 

I think my 2 hour lunch must come to an end, but I wanted to get on here and show you my hair cut!

But before I go lets add a little more fun to this post. 

So What if....

...I just watched the movie Hope Floats, I know it came out in 1998, and I just loved it. So cute!

...I don't like Green Tea. I'm just adding it to the list of foods I don't like and I'm gonna drink it anyway cause my new diet says I need too.

...there is a huge storm outside. It is just rocking my building left and right. And in the middle of all of the rain, wind, and thunder the landscaper has come by to mow the lawn!

...I have compulsively organized my fridge, and I have made 2 weeks of jello and pudding.

I cannot wait to get into this tonight. Go ahead and take a look around at all that healthy food...salad greens, grilled chicken and eggs. Yum Yum!

...I am super excited to go to the gym tonight and not so much motivated by the whole heart healthy, weight lossy thing, but more motivated that while I am there tonight I get to watch NY Med.  I missed the whole episode last night intentionally so I could have it to watch at tonight's workout!

...I still havent folded my laundry from last week so now Im just getting dressed right out of the dryer cause I have no more baskets! 


Wendie Haynes said...

Super love the hair!

Stephanie said...

I am not a fan of green tea either - so when I make tea at home I just throw a bag or two of green tea in with the black tea to brew. I don't notice the difference and I feel like I am getting the "good" out of green tea.

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