Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Magic Mike

I had a long a crazy day yesterday.  I ate amazingly, I didn't workout, and I got to see Magic Mike.

That's the whole day in a one sentence nut shell.  I had to work yesterday and it was just like every other Monday in the world.  I think it seemed a little bit longer than normal because I knew just as soon as the day was over I was not getting in the car and driving to the gym, no, I was getting in the car and going to the movies to see Magic Mike.

I was a little bit nervous about going to the movies being that I have started a new food program. You know I will try anything and when one of my sisters asks me about one I know I have to give it a read.  Its only fair to shout out to Steece's Pieces, she is the blogger that was talking about it that helped me learn more.  Well, I read it and loved the concept.  It reminds me a lot of the Master Your Metabolism book that I followed for months.  Its called Metabolism Miracle.

Let's put it this way, I like it so much that I dove right in.  Not a 2 week give up all Wheat diet, but a well balanced plan.  It starts as a low carb type diet and after 8 weeks you reintroduce healthy carbs.  Its not a "NO" carb diet.  I eat carbs every 5 hours, as long as there are less than 5 net carbs.  Its not many, not many at all, and this is just day 2 for me but I am craving them a little.  I think giving up the wheat just a week before helped because I'm not going through the DTs like normal. 

The book says the first 3 days are the hardest and I chose day one to go to the movies (hello popcorn!!!) and 10:30pm deserts.  I had to sneak my cashews into the movie theatre and say no to dessert.  If I can make it through the first 8 weeks I never have to do them again. 

But 8 weeks is a long time!!!!

Anyway, I used my super duper willpower last night and just watched the trashy movie and didn't give in on the diet!  Wooo hoo yeah me!!!!

Today has already been easier.  I was running late for work today so I had to do breakfast on the run.  Its hard to do breakfast on the run but I had to get the house picked up and I couldn't cook in it this morning since I'm trying to sell it and I'm showing it this afternoon. So breakfast was a bust but lunch today was delicious.  It was just a chicken taco on a low carb tortilla and it was soo good.  My only hold back on lunch was I forgot to bring a big bottle of water to work so I had to improvise.  Oh and I had to bring my lunch in the Food Lion bag because I left my lunch box in the car....just a little bit ghetto!

Yep, that's real life.  I stole the coffee pot and used it as a pitcher so I didn't have to keep refilling my tiny Styrofoam coffee cup.

When I left work for my break I made it to the store for a big bottle so I could lose the coffee pot.

My darling lunch box....today's lunch bag!

This does not include the Multi-vitamin!

One thing about the program are the overwhelming number of vitamins that you have to take, it sounds like the alphabet song, E, C, D, B.  So far that is the most challenging thing to keep up with.  When to take which pill?

My workouts have been on track.  I did good all weekend and Yes! I missed Monday but I have my bag packed up for tonight.  I was kinda hoping to go outside for a bit tonight but we are finally getting some rain.  I know that has been a really big deal cause people wont stop talking about it.  All I know is that it makes my grass grow and makes me have to mow more...oh and it ruins my outside runs.

Ill get my workout in for sure tonight, don't know what yet, but Ill get it in.  The only other question is what's for dinner?  Any suggestions out there!?!!?!!?!

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