Friday, July 20, 2012

Metabolism Miracle Week 2 In Review

I am now 2 weeks in to this new diet plan and I am really liking it.  I think the writer of the book was very honest in her approach to this diet.  She said things would be hard at first and then get easier.  She was not kidding about that.  At first I thought 8 weeks was an incredibly long Phase 1 but now that I am 2 weeks in and I'm getting more and more used to it its not that bad.

Day 1-3 were the hell days, Day 4-5 were the days that I craved everything and anything sweet but since then I have not craved anything.  I know, you think, she craves it but she just dosen't eat it, but that is not the case.  I don't even crave them.  I used to sit and my desk and think about how good a pack of Skittles would be (yes I love Skittles) or how I could snack on a Hershey's bar, but now I don't even want it.  Don't get me wrong, if you gave me a cookie I would be tempted but I have no desire to go out and get one for myself.  You dont have to believe that, if I was reading that from someone else I would call them a liar, but its the truth for me.

That is probably the best part of all, the not craving.  I have enjoyed a nice treat every night after dinner of jello or pudding and I look forward to it all day long, but it is not necessary.

You know honestly the cravings are gone and so is a lot of my appetite.  I am not constantly waiting for my next meal.  I have noticed that I eat my breakfast at 7, then I usually snack between 10-11 when I am hungry again, which pushed lunch back to nearly 1:30.  My afternoon snack and my dinner are both small, nearly snacks themselves, but I am totally satisfied.

I have also noticed a few more things.  I don't know my weight right now, I havent weighed since week one.  It said don't weigh and I'm really trying hard not to.  I'm sure I will break down again and weight but I feel like I'm losing weight.  My clothes are fitting a little bit better, they are not baggy or anything but they are buttoning without squenching my waist off!!!!  When I get out of my fat, fat pants I'll let you know.  (Definition of Fat Fat pants:  When your fat pants are too tight so you leave them unbuttoned, hahaha)

Now, I have some concerns.  As you all know I have had a little bit of stomach trouble this week.  I don't know if it is related to the diet or if it is something else.  I am still liking the diet enough to give it a little bit longer and see if I still have stomach upset. 

I have also noticed a little bit of a change in my fitness level.  I have been working out hard since before I started this plan but in the last week it seems to be getting easier.  I know that once I take a little weight off these joints things get easier, but last night I noticed a change in my breathing.  I was planning on walking once around the circle, its about half a mile, and when I got to a hill I ran down.  I got to the bottom and kept running, and then got to flat ground and kept running.  I wasn't overly winded or gasping for air, like I had been just a few weeks ago.   I ended up making it around the circle 3 times with no trouble.  It felt pretty good!  Is this related to the diet?  I don't know but it happened at a really coincidental time!

So for me at the end of week 2 I am a fan!  Still a big fan of this diet!  I will continue doing it because I think it is working for me in ways that I wasn't expecting.  Would I recomend it to others, absolutely!  Its tough at first but after day 5 I am much better. 

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