Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Life in a Instagram

I know y'all will be shocked on 2 different levels....

1.  I found a new link up...yeah!
2.  It involves Instagram...double Yeah!!!

Some of these will be repeats if you read the blog but for any new people from the hop enjoy!

It was no joke when I said I mostly use Instagram to take pictures of my food. There are thousands of these on my Instagram feed.

Then there are the family photos.

Then the workout photos....

And you cannot talk abut Instagram without the self portraits...I have those too.

 Hope you enjoy this small glimpse into my Instagram.  Feel free to follow fatgirltothin on Instagram.


Liz said...

Totally loving the clear umbrella! Thanks for linking up!


Brandi said...

Hi Emily! I found your blog through the my life in an instagram link up @ accordingtol! What an inspiration your story is! I have just started documenting my weight loss journey and I look forward to following you along yours now.. God Bless!

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