Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not My Best Day

Let me just start with a short disclaimer...there is a really good chance that tonight's post will contain one and or more curse words, as well as one obscene gesture!  Just giving you a heads up.
If you are not familiar with the Facepalm get ready cause there are a bunch of them in this post tonight

I have tried all day long to have a good attitude or have a good day, but I am failing so since its almost 10pm I'm going to go ahead and vent it all out I can sleep!  Sometimes things just keep going the wrong way.

For starters, I woke up with that headache, and I still have that headache.  I took medicine every 4 hours with no relief.  At this point I'm pretty sure it is never going away, I just hope it doesn't hurt while I sleep.

So finally after what felt like a 14 hour work day I headed home.  I was in a rush again to show my house.  I ran in the house right on time, turned on all the lights, did the last minute pick up things, made the bed.  I was ready.  35 minutes later...still no show.  He told me yesterday that his mom was sick so I hope nothing happened to him or her but I wish he would have just called.  I drove 40 minutes round trip out of the way, when I could have just stopped right at the gym.  Just frustrating....I hope his family is well.

Then 45 minutes later I was off to town again.  I changed into my workout clothes, packed the bike on the back of the car in hopes for a ride around town and running the hills around my church before choir practice.  I hopped on the bike and made it one mile, in the rougher part of town, trying to get to the bypass.  And poof!  Flat tire.  I walked the bike to a gas station and their air tank was Out of Order so I walked it back across the street to a motorcycle store that thankfully was open otherwise I would have had to walk my bike back through the hood to get to the next gas station. 

Giving the bike the deserved it!

When I got to the store he put air in the tire and in seconds it was flat again.  Not only did I have a flat tire I had a busted tire!  No riding this bike back to the car.  So I walked it to the gym which was closer by and left it there until I could come back and get it. 

I left the gym headed back to the car, at this point I was dangerously close to being late to practice.  I ran the one mile back to the church which was all uphill so it was a nice little run, but not what I had planned.  I wanted to get a combination of 13 miles today, 10 on the bike and maybe 3 running, probably would have only gotten 2 realistically but I was going to try hard for 3.  Instead of 13 I got 2! 

I ran in to practice, which is loud, and with this headache and frustration of the whole bike ordeal.  Singing always makes things better so I was actually in a pretty good mood when I got done at practice.  Then I realized, it was after 9, I hadn't gotten a decent workout in, I hadn't eaten dinner and all I wanted to do was close my eyes and go to sleep so this day could be finished.

I got home, finally, and cooked up come dinner.  I had a yummy open face egg sandwich and treated myself to breakfast in 9:30.  I know better than to eat that late but its eat late or don't eat at all and I'm hungry tonight so no food was not an option!

Open Face Egg Sandwich:  One piece of toast, topped with 2 eggs and 2 egg whites scrambled and a slice of American cheese.  Ok, tonight 2 slices of cheese.  And it was delicious.

Bed time, I made it to bed time without going crazy!  Ok, so maybe this little rant is me going crazy, but today has really not been my day!  We all have them, hopefully tomorrow will be better!

I edited that one just for you guys, it might be a bad day but no need to drop the F bomb!  (We will just imply it)

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