Thursday, July 19, 2012

Paint a Picture

I just wish I could paint a picture of the way I look right now.  I would take a picture of it for you but it is indecent in so many ways.  I am laid up on the bed with ice on my belly which causes me to be in a really weird position.  So my computer is propped up on my belly below the ice.  There are of course no pants and I'm sitting less than 12 inches from the fan to cool off a little bit.  Everything I need is in reach, iPad, phone, controller, pudding.  This position feels so good right now I might never move.

You know I really thought after last nights workout I would be sore and to my surprise this morning I was feeling no soreness at all.  Towards the end of the day I felt a little bit of stiffness in my hips but that was the only place I felt sore.  And all day long I racked my brain trying to figure out what my workout would be tonight.  I knew I didn't have as much time as I have the last couple of nights so I needed to come up with something that didn't involved my upper body but burned the maximum calories I could in 35 minutes. 

This kind of StairMaster..................not this kind.

It hit me...StairMaster!  I wish a truck had hit me when I had the idea because tomorrow I'm gonna feel like it tomorrow.  I set the timer for only 10 minutes because this machine kicks my butt every single time.  I had steps and hand rails so it fell in the safe exercise category.

I made it for 16 minutes!  I was pretty excited about my 16 minutes solid.  My legs were just burning, the calves were screaming, and I was sweating!!!!!!!  Yes, again with the sweat.  I was only the machine for 3 minutes when the sweat started dripping off my nose and eye lashes.  I was toweling off as quickly as I could and I finally stopped trying.  I just worked it out as best I could until I couldn't take one more step.

You know I have been running the stadium but the big difference is when I run the stadium I get to go down ever now and then, on the StairMaster I only go up!  I don't know exactly what my stats were, .66 miles and around 175 calories.  But the sweat just kept pouring...

I went in to do my leg weights after the StairMaster.  Since I was already on a roll with my extra 5 minutes I thought I would raise the weights on the leg press.  So many decisions I am already regretting!   The sweat was just pouring off of me.....I don't know what the deal is!  I'm sticking with the additional water theory until someone comes up with a better idea.

I had to leave pretty quickly and I wish I had had more time.  I ran off to run and errand and to dinner and when I got home I just wanted to do just a little bit more.  I already had my shoes and sweaty clothes on, so I went out for a very slow jog.  I took it really easy and did a miles and a half "no sweat."  haha, you know there was sweat, lots and lots of sweat.  It was one of the best runs Ive had in quite a while so I was glad I went out and did it.  I wont get to run much cause the doc said that was a little jarring but I came straight in and showered and put ice right on my "Area."  I am such a rule follower.

I'm going to finish up here tonight and get crawl into bed and just pray for another nights sleep like last night.  Last night I slept like a little baby on NyQuil...and I needed it.  My sleep has not been up to par lately, especially with all the energy I have been putting out. 

Tomorrow I'm going to do a 2 week wrap up on MM (Metabolism Miracle) because I have lots to say about it, and very little of it is not good!!!  Cant wait.

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