Monday, July 9, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

There was a long bike ride this weekend and there is blog post to follow with all the pictures.  Ill give you a sneak peak of the photos but you have to come back for the full story.

Part of a new fun game...look what I learned from YouTube....I learned how to re-string my weed eater.  My sister learned how to french braid!  Hers was more fun.

This sweet little girl, relaxing with the umbrella, oh and it wasn't raining.

TLC plays A Baby Story as I am walking out the door in the morning, I just happened to catch this gem this week.

Lots of miles this week, screen shots, OK~!

Tonight tonight, I'm gonna watch a bunch of guys get naked Tonight!!!!

Wal-Mart Recliner....I was really hoping to catch the moment when she busted her butt but the chair never broke!

Fancy Chocolate Milk!

You know who you are and why this is on my phone!

Might be the greatest snack ever!  It saved my life after the bike ride.

Then I got on Pinterest and found some really funny pics...

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