Monday, July 16, 2012

Phone Photo Monday

How many photos does it take to make the best photo collage???  9 the answer is 9!!!

He can do anything on the iPad...the ABC game is so cute!


Hair and times.

Workout photos, I had a moment with the bike.

Not too many food photos this week.  By the way, best mints ever!!!!

I cannot have a photo post without a car photo....

I finally got a "That Girl" picture on my phone.  Everyone needs one.... 

It goes like this, send a text about yourself, for example:  "Guess who got home to find that her stray cat had more kittens???  This girl!"


She thought there was a snake in the was us poking her leg but she flipped out.  She wouldn't even sit back in the chair.

I did so good this week with my picture taking!!!!

1 comment:

Savanah said...

HA! That bike pic is hilarious :)

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