Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pseudo Friday

Well I don't know about y'all, but this pseudo Friday sure feels a lot like Monday, the worst Monday ever.  First off, after my surely surely comments last night I didn't not get up in time to run this morning, in fact I over slept.  In my eyes there are 2 different kinds of over sleeping: 

           1.  Slept later than I meant too so I'll have to rush a little to get ready in time to leave.
           2.  Holy Crap, I am supposed to leave 2 minutes ago and I haven't even showered yet!!!!

This morning was oversleeping example #2.  I sprung out of my bed when it was time to leave.  I am so glad that I laid out my clothes last night so there was no question about what I was wearing.  I jumped in and out of the shower in seconds, blew my hair dry, and took my meds in a matter of seconds.  I threw all my workout clothes into my gym bag and ran out the door.  Thus far I haven't realized what I forgot, I hope nothing.

The ride to work was a challenge.  I wanted to turn on sirens and let people know I was late!!!!!!  Surely they could understand this with a close to their bumper as I was but they never caught on.  I passed about 6 cars on the 2 lane highway, but not before I took some photos.  You know I love to take photos of the cars that drive 20mph.

Top Left:  My favorite, she was too busy with her phone conversation to press her right foot to the floor, 21 mph was the top speed, I cheered out loud with bottom left turned off the road, he was so big I couldn't pass him, and the garbage truck, what kind of county picks up garbage in the middle of rush hour!!!!

The best part about the drive to work with all these people as obstacles....


So I made it to work, trying to figure out when I am going to figure out what I am going to do as a workout tonight.  I am already trying to get my workout buddy to come run the stadium with me.  She is fighting it right now but I think I will win her over, eventually. 

I hope you all have a much better start to your Pseudo Friday and enjoy tomorrow off...or I hope you get tomorrow off!


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