Monday, July 2, 2012


I can't call tonights workout anything but a huge success. By the time I got to the gym I was already sweating up a storm. I had just finished cleaning the office and I was raring to get to the gym. I had been thinking about my workout all day long.

I had planned a 30 minute bike workout and then maybe some hill climbs on the treadmill but I misunderstood my Gymboss app and set my intervals incorrectly so my 1 minute on/ 1minute rest was only one interval and not two so it was actually a 60 minute workout. I did it for 45 minutes before I finally quit! I was dying. I had sweat dripping off ever spot on my body.

I love this app! You should get it, if I remember correctly it was free too.

I made the mistake of forgetting my workout shirt some was wearing my T-shirt from work. Not ideal for a workout, but it covered my body. I liked working out in a V-neck shirt cause it kept me a little cooler but when I hopped out of the saddle to climb my boobs nearly fell out of the top of my shirt!

I also discovered another funny about the speed bike. It is not designed for the big girls. The recumbent bike is more designed for the big girls cause your belly doesn't get in the way but on the speed bike I move my legs really quick, causing by belly to flop up and down on my legs, in turn causing my boobs to plop up and down, causing a violent shaking of the body fat! I cant think of a solution for the problem yet except lose the gut! Good thing the speed bikes are sequestered in their own room, the room with no A/C that is!

I finished up on the bike and then cooled down with some treadmill action. I read my book at a 3 incline until I felt like my muscles had cooled down. Then I made a b-line to the front desk to buy some ice packs. You know it's good when you finish the workout and purchase ice packs.

My gym is also a rehab center so they have the best ice packs ever!!!!! I got 2! So now my freezer is full of ice packs, frozen chicken and fish, and vodka, and I don't even drink. There are more ice packs than anything else.

Best ice pack ever!!!!

Now I got all that work, workout and packed up in time to still get in bed early so i can run in the morning. Tomorrows like Friday so surely I can drag my butt out of bed since I'll get to sleep in the next day, surely!

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Anna Catherine said...

Sounds like a great workout! But seriously, you are runnin in the morning and it isn't with me???? Not ok!!

Emily said...

I am and it is. I gotta do it sometime. Wanna workout tomorrow night...little weights and abs?

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