Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday: Day 1 of Unemployment

Alright, today is the first day since I graduated from college that I have been unemployed without having another job on the horizon.  I'm really not stressing about this, things happen for a reason and I am really trying to find the silver lining.  As of yesterday the only silver lining I could find was that I would be able to watch so much of the Olympics but now I know I will find a new job and I might just find something that I love to do.

After only one day I do miss the organization of a daily schedule.  I woke up this morning and went straight to the gym.  Might as well get that workout in early...

Hoda and Kathy Lee or Price is Right!  Both terrible choices!

so I did.  I was done with the workout by 10:30.  Its a whole new group of people at the gym in the morning...they didnt get why I was taking pictures of the machine and the TVs.  Go Figure!!!!  Then it was off to fill out job applications, a few Internet searches and contact phone calls.  Followed by a little bit of housework.  This whole time I was hungry bored.  I kept thinking that I really wanted a snack!  I wasn't hungry, I just wanted something to do with my hands.  So I cleaned out a closet, did a few more online applications and cooked some food. 

I went to the ballpark to watch one of my babies play and then I went back to the gym.  I had energy to burn and time to burn it so I worked a few more calories off at the gym. 

Its been a long time since I worked out this late.  I had the gym all to myself for an entire hour.  I watched my entire episode of NY Med, burned over 700 calories, and traveled over 4 miles.  Worth the trip back to they gym if you ask me.

I did not cheat on my diet today like yesterday.  I was very very strict with my plan.  Week 3 of MM is still going good.   I only had the one slip up and I made the best decision I could with what I was given.  I really want to weigh again.  I have stayed off the scale other than tripping over it and nearly killing myself in the kitchen (yep, the scale is in the kitchen)

Scale next to fridge and microwave!  A little motivation...

Now after a day of two pretty intense workouts and lots of sweat I'm pounding water and filling out a few more job applications.  I will get re hydrated before bed, that's the goal for tonight anyway. 

Ill try to post tomorrow before 11pm.  Surely I can post before then!!!

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Jane said...

Well, despite the whole not-having-a-job-thing, it sounds like a pretty good day to me! I like that you got in your (first) gym workout early. If I don't do it in the morning, it becomes less and less likely that I will get mine in. Like today, for example. My treadmill still calls and I am still ignoring it. I'm hoping this has more to do with week 38 of pregnancy and less with my usual motivation. :)

Hang in there and good luck with the job search!

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