Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Update

I tried to post about my weekend yesterday but I could not get my Internet to cooperate so I finally gave up and went to bed.  Actually, it was more like I fell asleep in the middle of what I was doing.   When I woke up this morning at 3am all the lights were on, the TV was on, and I was on top of the covers!  I didn't mean to fall asleep like that but apparently I was tired.

Friday afternoon I did my tire workout.  It was brutal.  I used the stadium for cardio, up and down the steps thousands of times, and did some tire flipping.  I was worried about having to workout in the rain and getting drenched.  Well, I did get drenched but it was sweat.  It was about 90 degrees outside with not a drop of shade in site.  It was a great workout but I got too hot.  When I saw my 6 year old niece after the workout she asked, "Emily, why are you sweating so much?  Its starting to freak me out!"  Oh children and their honesty.  After about an hour of sweating it was starting to freak me out too, but I did eventually cool off and rehydrate.

Sweating so much my makeup was running down my face.  Thankfully I had a stolen towel from the gym.

After Fridays workout I had to get ready for the weekend.   There was no way I was going to get in a workout on Saturday, I was booked up all day long.  I had to get ready for work.  This might be the funnest work ever.  I was doing makeup for a wedding.  All the girls looked so good.

Brush cleaning and packing!  This is just a portion of the brushes.   This might be a problem.

And then I left there and went to visit some of my babies!  I haven't seen them in too long.   I like to see them more than every 4 weeks.  How sweet are these guys!

A very comfortable place...for both of us

We had lots of fun with the iPhone camera!

Then we all know what happened when I got home, I crashed out and went sound asleep.  Today, wasn't too busy.  I had church this morning, which I was well rested for, and then home for the Sunday nap.  I did play in the yard today which caused me to sweat so we are going to count that as the workout for today.  I'm sure the sweat had nothing to do with it being 150 degrees outside.

That's not really the point.  I worked out hard all week long so Ill take the break I got this weekend.  Tomorrow is starting really really really early tomorrow.  I'm going to yet another doc for the "Area" pain.  Hopefully tomorrow I will learn a little more and maybe get over this pain.

Sleepy time now but I'm sure I will have a post tomorrow.  I know I will have a workout tomorrow and a new episode of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition.  That made for a great workout last week!

night all.....

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Spoonful of Me said...

Great work out as usual. I am dying to know your thoughts on this week's extreme makeover.

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