Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My afternoon started off a little bit disappointing with my house showing getting cancelled, especially since I stayed up so late cleaning the house, but good news was he still wants to see it, tomorrow.  So now I have to keep my house clean another day.  That's not a bad thing.  Its usually straight but livable, but when I'm showing it I want it to look perfect!

Anyway, with my showing getting cancelled I had the night off.  So I laid on the couch for a minute since I was tired from no sleep last night, but I knew if I stayed there too long I would be catching Zzzz's in no time.  So I got up and rode my bike over to Sister 3's house cause I told her I would help her with something. 

I thought I could save a little money on gas and get some exercise all at the same time.  OK, so she only lives about .2 miles away from me but that was not my only ride.  I rode for quite a while tonight.  While I was riding I just kept trying to make it more and more difficult.  I really want to do a Olympic length triathlon sooner rather than later so my bike needs to get stronger. 

I was riding too late in the evening, I know better, so I tried to stay in neighborhoods where the risk of getting hit by a car was low.  I finally gave up after about an hour, when it started raining and I couldn't see the concrete anymore.

Then it happened....that post workout/energy rush kicked in.  I haven't quit since I walked in the house.  I packed my food for tomorrow, started dethawing chicken to cook tonight, and even pre-portioned bags of nuts so I don't over eat them.  I have drank 4 bottles of water, cooked my dinner, played my games and watched my stories....all in the last hour!

This is OCD and product placement at its finest.  Your welcome Ziploc!

Something about finishing my workouts lately is making me super energetic and super productive.  I think if my work knew how productive I was they would let me come in an hour late so I could workout before work!  They will learn one day!

Now I have to get off the blog so I can get to cooking so I can go to bed.  I cannot cook and blog at the same time cause I have to go touch raw chicken....#worstthingever!!!!!  I really thought I might get in early tonight, but I cannot fight the productiveness. 

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