Monday, July 23, 2012

You Wanna Know About My Weekend....

Oh, this weekend.  My house had a minor malfunction this weekend that I was so terribly upset about when it happened but my family was so good to me and helped me out so much that I really cannot be all that upset about it anymore, but have no fear, I will still tell you all about it.

Friday night got to be a little bit of a lazy night for me and I was exhausted so it worked out pretty well.  I didn't have to be up early on Saturday, I didn't have to go anywhere so I was not having to pack up food for the next day, just worried about me and my bed. 

Apparently, I had too much of a love obsession with my bed Friday night because overnight there was a huge storm, I had no idea!  I slept right through it.  I woke up Saturday morning with no alarm, feeling amazingly rested.  I grabbed the remote control to watch a little TV in bed for about another hour or 2 (don't judge it was the weekend) and my TV would not come on.

I got out of bed and tried to hit the power button on the TV, nope, tried the other remote, nope, tried unplugging it and plugging it pack in, NOPE!  I didn't know what was going on so I went to the living room, I could watch TV on the couch for the next couple of hours, no biggie!  When I pressed the power button on that remote, nothing!  I had no idea what was going on.  I was starting to get pissed off. 

I texted my dad and asked what had happened the night before.  I had power but all my TVs were knocked out.  My phone wouldn't send the message.  I had to turn it off WiFi to get it to send.  So I checked out the WiFi, it was out too.  Things started to come together.  Everything that was plugged into cable was not working...

At this point I got really annoyed.  I just did the only thing I knew to do when I was this pissed off.  I put on my running shoes and ventured outside to run around the block a few time.  (This was my FatGirl proud moment, I didn't get pissed/stressed out and turn to food, I went for a run!)  I couldn't believe it.  All my electronics were fried, I do not have money to replace 2 TVs, and a modem, and a router, and whatever might have been connected to the cable that I hadn't thought of yet.

TV/DVD graveyard in my living room.

My sisters jumped to the rescue.  They came over and assessed the damage with me.  Then they went to our storage building and got 2 TVs that were in there and came over and helped me hook them up.  Since I am under no upper body workout, they even moved some furniture so it looked pretty as well as functional.

The Internet was still an issue but I had TV.  My bro in law is a whiz on the computer tech stuff and said he would help me out with that.  So I finally had to run off, no more chillaxing, it was time to shop.  I wasn't worried about the cable situation for the day, I was off to have some fun.  Every now and then the cable company would call and update me on the lack of progress they had made, my sisters and I made more progress in 1 hour than they did all day long.  I told them since I was out they could go in and fix the problem but the liability was too much for them to enter the house with  me not there....what were they going to do?  Steal the 2 broken TVs that their company fried!

While we were shopping my dad bought me a new TV for my bedroom.  So freaking sweet!  I couldn't believe it.  I tried and tried to get him not to but he insisted. Then Saturday night my Bro In Law came over and helped me set up my new TV and work on the Internet for a while.  Turns out that the wireless router was fried too so we could only get the new router set up.

Saturday nights Internet connection!  haha

I was out of the loop on Saturday night which was fine, being unplugged every now and then is ok.  I went to church like normal on Sunday and when I came out of Sunday School my brother in law had gone to Wal-Mart and got everything I needed to make my Internet work, wirelessly and everything.  Oh and he bought me a fan because he said mine sucked.  Apparently it did cause the new one was amazing!!!

We left church and it was birthday celebration time.  Happy Birthday Sister 2!  She requested tiny cupcakes, she loves them more than anyone I know.  I even used the hand mixer cause the girls all say it makes the cakes more fluffier.

That was her pile of cupcake wrappers, 15-20 for sure!

After the birthday celebration was over it was nap time at my house.  I had a TV to fall asleep to and all kinds of new gadgets to set up my wireless, even though I don't really know how to do it.  Some people have a pool boy, I have a Tech Boy.
Only 11pm tech boy in the whole wide world.

Not only did he get my wireless set up properly, he also ran a virus scan and did some other neat things on my computer and got the whole thing running better and faster.

Like I said, it started off horribly but my family was so good to me and helped me get everything back up I can really only be mad at the storm and the Cable company.   And to top it all off I got in a good Saturday morning workout. 

How was your weekend?

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