Thursday, August 30, 2012

I've Been Trying to Post

Wow!  The last two days of my life have been packed full.  I have had 2 interviews and a meeting with the TN Unemployment We Make It So Challenging for You to Receive Your Benefits in Hopes that YOU will Give Up and Just Sacrifice Your Less Than Minimum Wage Check Each Week Office.  That's right, I was selected to participate in a study group to make sure people on Unemployment are trying to find a job.  Well I am, and the 2 hours I have to drive to the meeting and the hour and a half I have to spend in the meeting is really cutting into my looking for a job time.

None the less I have been on the job hunt big time this week.  I have also been on the Birthday train...3 birthdays in one week is a lot of cupcakes to bake and lots of parties to attend!

Sister 3 got a new app on her she makes collages.
The birthday Children...up next Sister 3!!!!!

We Party Hard!

They were sooooo happy about wearing the hats.

Sister 2 and me in the party spirit!

Now with all this party fun and cupcake eating I have also had to do lots of gym work.  The gym is still hotter than hell since the AC is still out!!!!!

Sorry, I have gotten ahead of myself....after my Unemployment extravaganza on Wednesday it was off to the gym. 

I brought some sparkle to the gym on Wednesday!

I was really hoping to do my 7 minute Burpee Challenge and Long Run.  Well, that didn't happen because when I woke up on Wednesday morning I had "Dead Arm!"  I slept on my arm really funny and rendered it useless for the entire day.  I was able to run because I was able to keep my arm pretty close to my body.  After a few hours with the TENS unit I got the arm up and moving again.  My dad actually laughed at me for my sleeping injury. sounds nuts but I couldn't lift my arm.

I got the arm moving and the unit off but I cant get the sticky things off now.

Today it was job interview time.....I had an early morning interview and then an afternoon interview.  Then I had a volleyball game and a football game.  Notice no where in the day's description did I mention a workout.  That's because there was no workout.  I spent the entire day on my feet or in the car.  I'm grateful to be getting some interviews and hopefully one of these will actually turn into a job.

Tomorrow morning starts the Birthday parties for Sister 3.  She loves birthdays more than anyone I know so its gonna be 4 days of celebrations!!!!!  I finally finished up her homemade birthday present and I will show it to you after I give it to her.  It has been stressing me a little bit but I think it has turned out really well. 

When things stress me I need my gym but my gym is so hot I am not getting quality workouts!!!!!  Its a catch 22 I tell ya, but one way or the other I am getting a good 1.5-3 hours in at the gym!!!!!!  Hot or not.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Upper Body Day!

Today was Upper Body Tuesday!!!!  And I have officially worked my upper body to the max.  This morning I went to the gym with the intention of a lot of more cardio and a lot less weights but yet again the air conditioner is out at the gym so the cardio room was about 90 degrees (no exaggeration.)  I got on the elliptical and I ran a mile before I had to leave the room.  It was just too hot!!!!  I could run outside and it be cooler than it was in that room.  So I went to the big room at the gym and did some weights. 

I could tell I was getting stronger on the arms today.  I was able to do more reps on every exercise.  Don't get me wrong, it was tough, I was grunting and groaning, but I am getting stronger.  The upper body still hurts but I'm just having to take lots of Aleve and deal with it. 

After the weights I was done with the gym.  I just cant believe that the AC is broken again.  It seems like every other week the Air is out.  This is a gym, you know where people are working hard and sweating and trying to get in shape, but there is a point where it is just too hot!!!!  I know their main focus is not the gym but the rehab center but I want them to care as much about the wellness side of the facility as I do.  (Ill get off my soapbox now!)

I went back to the gym this afternoon to swim with my swimming buddy.  She swims first and then I stay in the pool for a little solo swim.  I stuck with the upper body focus and did the majority of the swim with my paddles.  I'm glad to be done working out for the day.  I might ride my bike a little bit tonight while watching TV but the intense workouts are over for the day.

These are swim paddles for those who don't know. You put them on your hands and swim the freestyle stroke normally.

Let me tell you about my good news.....I'M GOING TO JAMAICA!!!!!!!  I have already changed my ring tone to Bob Marley and I am speaking in a Jamaican accent 40% of the day.  I have been needing a new goal or motivation and this is definitely it.  I think just losing the weight that I've put back on should be enough motivation but apparently it is not, but now that I know I'm going to have to spend 4 days walking around the islands in a bathing suit it makes me want to get some pounds off.  I am not expecting to lose 130 pounds in 5 weeks but I can probably get some off and get a little more bathing suit ready.  Now this is subject to change and I know that but I can still get prepared to look great in my bathing suit.

I haven't had a big goal or challenge lately and this just might be what I need.  I made out a plan like the Chris Powell one year, 365 day weight loss, but I need a race or a challenge to get on board with.  If you guys know of any new workout program let me know.  

Tomorrow I'm going to do the 7 minute Burpee challenge.  I have already downloaded a counter app because I think I'm going to do enough to justify needing a counter, probably not but why not.  I'm hoping to do this every week and keep track of the results.  I don't have a goal number because I really don't know how hard this is going to be, I'm just going to do my best and try to beat it each week.  I'm also doing loads of leg work tomorrow and Long Run Wednesday. 

And then the Random Topic of the Day:

Have y'all ever watched Dance Moms?  Oh my gosh, this show is ridiculous.  Its a bunch of grown ups that argue for a solid hour.  I am amazed how these women talk to each other in front of their children, I'm amazed how this teacher talks to the children, and all on national television.  They are all so childish and petty.  I'm watching the show with my jaw on the floor!

This will not be on my weekly list to watch!!!  WOW!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Friday was Moving Day

Alright, let's just go ahead and talk about Friday!  It was a pretty tough day on so many levels.  Friday was the day my niece has been looking forward to for months, I have been pretty excited for her but the closer "Off to College Moving Day" came the more it started to suck.

I woke up early so I could go to the gym before we started to move her.  I like to eat my feelings and work out my stress.  I was apparently more stress about her moving than I thought cause I nearly killed myself at the gym.  For starters everyone that walked in the door was getting on my nerves, I finally realized I was the problem.  One guy came in with suspenders on his workout shorts, every machine I wanted was broken or taken, one guy looked at me, etc.  I finally got all the people out of the room and got the treadmill by myself and it was time to go, and then a woman walked in and got on the one machine right beside me!!!!  I know this was all my anxiety but I was starting to get put out.

I was doing intervals on the treadmill and going faster and faster every time.  I thought I would do 5 maybe 10 and I ended up doing 30.  But in the midst of my intervals I got rid of the lady next to me by growling.  She left quickly after that.  I ran out of time before I ran out of energy.  I was sooooo worn out when I was done I had to sit down on the treadmill.  And this was all before 9am!!!!!

Then it was time to send her off.  Ohhhhhh, she turned into a small child right before my eyes.  All of a sudden she was not big enough to go to college.  Honestly, I was sooooooo happy for her and excited for her and happy to get to be part of her big day.  You know there are lots and lots of pictures of the day.  We packed up the car and headed off!!!!

Car packed up...

Ready to move in!

We actually stayed up there for the whole day getting things moved, shopping for the things we forgot, and buying t-shirts to be supportive. 

Shopping and coffee, we were all pretty tired at this point.
COFFEE and Mother/Daughter moment.
We finally got done with all the moving, decorating, and goodbyes and left her all to herself.  Last couple of pictures for the night.  Sister3 was in full force "Mom"aratzzi mode, that's why we have so many pictures tonight!

She is ready to go!!!!

I'm gonna miss this girl, she has been a good running buddy, a triathlon partner and pretty regular on the blog over the past few years.  I'm gonna miss her so hard but shes not that far away, if I need a fix Ill just go see her and take her to lunch!  Love you baby!!!!

Her First Half-Marathon.
Triathlon Times
We finally finished up and headed home.  It was a good day all and all.  We got home late which led into Saturday pretty good.  I spend the majority of Saturday catching up on sleep and just hanging and doing chores around the house.  It was definitely a recovery day....after the crazy morning workout and the carrying heavy boxes up steps I needed a day off. 
There was definitely no workout today, and tomorrow is not looking good either. 
Next Topic, not at all related:
After I got the chores done I started in on some art projects.  I finally tried a Pinterest art project, I do the workouts all the time but this is my first art project.
How cute are these things....

 My sisters have made fun of my office wall art for years and now they have nothing to make fun of!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Found Something Worse....

You all know how I feel about Burpees, they suck, great workout and I keep doing them but they suck.  They hurt my entire body and I am not getting any better at them, but again, I keep doing them.  But today I might have found a workout that sucks just as bad as a Burpee and another Burpee workout that I'm gonna have to try.

Ok, new workout, power cleans.  They also use all the muscles in your body but this time we added weights!

And I'm gonna feel these should give these a try.  Since I'm new to the clean and the jerk together I did a lower weight tonight but I am going to work my way up with good form and heavy weights.

The new Burpee workout goes as follows.  Do as many Burpees as you can in 7 minutes.  That's it.  7 minutes, some part of the chest has to touch the ground every time, and you have to touch a spot 6 inches above your head every single time.  I watched a video of 2 girls doing this, professionals, and they were hurting.  I'm thinking about doing it once a week and seeing if I get any better each time.

It looks so tough that I might have to start with less than 7 minutes!  I'm gonna give it a try, maybe tomorrow morning but I'm not sure Ill be brave enough to attempt it by then....just watch!

Laziness at its Finest

Today I took laziness to a new extreme.  I work up very early, before 9am, and went off to Sonic to have a Diet Coke with my girls before I went to the gym.  I usually go to the gym between 9-10am and today that sooooooo did not happen.  I stayed at Sonic way too long....
I called my girl who is in town and asked if she wanted to come meet us at Sonic with some babies and she did, so Sonic got really interesting and lasted the majority of the morning.
We have a new Sonic fan....
....and the baby was sleeping!

So my entire morning was spent outside at Sonic, not at the gym, no workout, just me in my workout clothes and my headband sitting at Sonic.  I made a trip to the Dollar Store and got me some new rockin' sunglasses and then went to lunch.  Still no workout but still workout clothes...

Sunglasses and workout clothes

This afternoon we had a volleyball game, then dinner, and then to the gym!  Yes, I finally made it to the gym, 12 hours after I left the house to go to the gym.  I got a hell of a workout too.  Let's see, my arms are still sore from Monday, my abs are sore from the run yesterday (apparently I had a tight core yesterday on my run) and I still cant hold my arms over my head.  But tonight I had to do arms again and they are feeling a bit better now.  My abs are still a little sore but over all I worked out all the soreness I could.

After a stop by the store and a trip to the mailbox, all things I should have done during the day but I was too busy sitting outside and playing with the babies I am home and getting ready for tomorrow.  Just a side note:  I just stood up to walk across the room and get something and I nearly fell down because my legs are a bit tired, maybe that soreness thing didn't workout too well.

Tomorrow I have to go to the gym early or not go at all.  I'm helping my niece move off to college tomorrow so I will be out of pocket most of the day!  So excited for her and a little bit hard to believe!  She is still just a baby, not old enough to be in college!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's Ooooooooooooo K

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....
...that I was turned down for a job this week.  I will find something!
....that I am sore from the waist up because of this new found upper body workout that has been missing for months.  I feel like I need 2 arm slings!
....that I ate dinner after 10:30 pm and I am still hungry.  I need to eat more than once a day!  I like food!
....that my favorite new powder is called Anti-Monkey Butt.  I drove around and made 4 separate stops looking for it today because I was out.
The "Lady" is the best but I couldn't find it anywhere today so Regular Anti Monkey Butt for me.
...that I have officially been told by my doctor that they don't know why I hurt and there is nothing else they can do.  Is that normal?
...that this is my new favorite commercial ever.  I laugh every time it comes on, its sooo SEXY!

You're Welcome!

...that I cannot lift my left arm over my head without searing pain.  Too much triceps work for me.  Maybe I can work it out a bit tomorrow.

...that my best girl has been in town for 4 days and I have only seen her once!

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursdays Button
The Fontenot Four

I have several today but it shouldn't be too long...

I'm Thankful...

...that I get to take part in this blog hop this week.  I missed last week and spending the time to write down what you are thankful for is very therapeutic.

...that I got to play trivia with my friends this week.  It has been way tooooo long.  And no, we didn't win, we might have been dead last this week.

...that I no longer have any restrictions on my workouts.  Finally!!!!  I am not thankful that every inch of my body is sore from the new workouts!

...I finally got Season 3 of Will & Grace, unemployed, what else am I gonna do!?!?!?!?!?!

....that I got to have an M&M cookie today.  It was delicious and a nice complement to my shopping trip.

....for my new purse.  It might be shallow but it's also cute and I needed a little happy for myself today.

....for 3.5 miles tonight. 

....for my new sparkly headband, another one that is really kinda stupid but its sooo cute and it will give the old people at the gym new reasons to talk about me in the morning.  I have been missing the pointing and whispering.

...that Thursday is looking like it is going to have a nap!

....that I am almost completely off a medication that was causing me to have hot flashes, which by the way are way better and I am not near as hot as I have been for the last month. buddies at Sonic in the morning.  I get to meet them now cause I don't have to leave town so early.  I have missed those girls and I have had drinks with them every day for 2 weeks. 

Where Has the Day Gone?

Well today I managed to accomplish a lot but I have been so busy that I have not posted, Instagrammed, or even tweeted all day long.  You know that means busy!!!!  I took the day today to run some errands that just had to be done.  I have a birthday present to make and a few to buy so I took the day and went shopping. 

Have no fear, I also got in 2 workouts, 3.5 miles, leg weights and 2 loads of laundry.  I also went to choir practice and changed purses.  That is productive!!!!

I went to the gym first thing and did just a little cardio and then my leg weights.  I like Wednesday morning because its a quick workout.  I know that Wednesday night is "Long Run Wednesday" so I am going to get my cardio in.

I left from the gym and quickly changed clothes and headed to the mall.  I just changed without showering because I wasn't trying on clothes and I wanted to get it all done so I could go for my run before choir practice.  I stopped about 6 different places and even ate a Quizno's sub for lunch on the road.  I mention the food because that is the only thing I ate all day long.  No wonder when I got home tonight I was starving!

I made it back in time to run and go to choir practice.  That took up the rest of my evening.  I actually went to practice sweating and gross, yet again, but it worked out best because when practice was over I helped change a tire.....haha this is how I help.

They changed the tire, and I heeeelped!  Well I held the flash light...

After choir practice I had to do a little bit of delivery for some of the things I had bought.  I cant tell you all the things I got cause they are presents...I did however get myself a little treat, a new purse, because it was very much time for a new purse for this FatGirl. 

I finally got to the house after 10pm.  All my clothes were just piled in the floor from all the changes of clothes and bags were piled up too from all the shopping.  I even had bags that were in my car from earlier this week.  Once I got all the stuff put away and washed I was ready for supper.  That was at 10:30pm, and I have nothing to eat!!!  I ate a bowl of chili at 10:30, that is so weird.

I'm just hoping to wind down before bed so I can do it all over again tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rest/ Restriction is OVER!!!

Well today was the first day back with no restriction on my workout.  I got all my test results back from the doc and there is nothing wrong with my body.  The pain in "The Area" is caused by nothing and I am not restricted at all.  Now the pain may be caused by nothing but it still hurts.  Either way, there is no reason that I cannot workout my upper body so I'm free. 

And today I put my freedom to the test.  I just got to finally lift on my upper body and do some of my Pinterest workouts that have been off limits because of the upper body aspect.  I started with a quick mile on the elliptical machine.  Then lifted upper body:  Medium weights, high reps, quick from one workout to the other.  Then I went straight from the weights to 2 circuits....

I did both workouts once with no repeat because I did these two back to back. Then I was arms were shot and shaking. I still have to go back to the gym this afternoon and swim with my swimming buddy and I will get another cardio sweat in after we swim by swimming some laps on my own. I haven't been able to do those either. Tomorrow I'm hoping to try out another Pinterest workout...
It will probably kick my butt too!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Posting....

Y'all know its out of character for me to post on the weekend but since I neglected you and my workouts all week long I can at least post on Saturday.  I may have missed my regular gym workouts but I sure did get a good calorie burn for the week.  I bet I burned more calories this week than I did last month combined. 

We worked for 2 days last week at the school and I thought we were done and I was going to get to go to they gym, but then....Football Friday came along and the field needed painting.  We had worked too hard at this point to let it go.  So this week on top of yard work galore I can also add "Paint Football Field" to the Special Skills on my resume!


After working all day on the field I went home to shower and lick my wounds and came back for the game Friday night.  My body was aching so bad I almost couldn't enjoy the game.  I just wanted to go home and lay my head down on the pillow!  We didn't win the game but the field looked great and we scored so it was a success as far as I'm concerned. 

When I got home I nursed my wounds yet again.  I was beat and bruised worse than I would think yard work would beat me up.

The splinter that is tiny but hurts soooo bad, and the foot that looks terrible and doesn't hurt as bad as the finger.

BTW...yes I did hurt my foot by myself with no help from my sister, but you didn't have to call me out in the comments!!!!

and blisters galore!

I got a killer nights sleep...I mean 12 hours of unconsciousness and it was much needed.  I haven't slept in what feels like months and I think I finally pushed my body to its limits. 

Today was a day of rest at my house.  My wounds are healing nicely, I can actually walk again normally, and all my clothes are washed and my house is clean.  Those were two things that were completely neglected last week as well as my workouts and my blog. 

Then tonight I got a nice little surprise.  I went on a date night with my niece to dinner and to a local concert.  I was not really looking forward to it but it ended up being a great dinner and great fun at the concert/show.  I'm glad we got to hang out this weekend cause she is leaving me to go off to college next week.

Hopefully next week I can do better than this week.  As far as I know my sisters haven't signed me up for any yard work activities yet and other than a dentist appointment to fix a broken tooth I will spend the majority of the week catching up on my gym time!!!!  Cant wait!!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ohhh They Have Killed Me!

You know I help out cause I love my babies and I love my sisters and I love their school but these last two days they have absolutely killed me.  I have places that hurt that I didn't even know existed.  I have places that hurt on top of places that hurt.  I am trying to decide if I am sore or if this is pain from whatever is going on in my chest/abdomen....

What hurts all the time!

What hurts tonight!

So complaining time is over....yeah right...but Ill take a break for a minute at least.  Tomorrow I don't have to go work at the school!!!!  Yippee!!!  I already decided after the work we did today that I was going to be sick tomorrow if they said I had to go back.  We got the entire field mowed, weed eated, trimmed, and even raked so it will look perfect for game day this weekend.  We also got sun burnt and bruised.

I wish I had taken pictures today but we never stopped moving long enough to get a good picture.  One person at the school came out and took our photo so we could remember this wonderful look.

We finally had to stop today because it was just too hot to keep working.  We had done all we could do for the day.  I was ready to be done, I needed to take a shower, get the grass off of me and the wet clothes off my body.  I was so filthy today when we got done that I had to buy a new loofah at the store because I ruined mine.  My goal for the rest of the week is to not see another mower, and to workout inside for the rest of the week. 

I ALSO THINK I WILL SPEND THE REST OF THE WEEK CATCHING UP ON MY WATER INTAKE.  I might not be able to catch up for days!  Ive had well over 100 ounces of water today and I'm still dehydrated.

I was planning on running this afternoon but I just didn't have it in me tonight.  I was sun burnt and my feet hurt.  I have blisters on my feet that make wearing shoes impossible and running even more impossible.  If my sister hadn't dropped a big log on my foot I think I would have been able to run.

Swollen, bruised, and puffy....Can you see all that?

I'm going to pound my body with water, a little bit of pain medicine and I hope I can sleep tonight.  Surely after 9 hours of manual labor my body will be tired enough to get some rest.  I am looking very forward to my indoor workout tomorrow and my sleeping in tomorrow morning! 

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