Monday, August 13, 2012

4 Day MIA

Y'all know I do not like to take breaks from my blog, especially 4 day breaks.  I am here, but I have been in my car for the last 4 days and its really hard to blog and drive at the same time.  Ok, I could have posted over the weekend but I don't like to post on the weekend because I usually don't do all that much.

Let's start with Friday.....  I had to leave early to go to my follow up doctors appointment.  This was a re-check of the non heart, lung, or stomach issue but what we still don't know what the problem is.  I had to leave before my morning workout.  After meeting with the doc it was time for more test.  She ordered a crazy amount of blood work and another CAT scan, this time of the abdomen.

So I got the blood work done and off to the CAT scan.  I drank all the contrast juice, waited the hour for the juice to enter my digestive system.  So I got on the table and waited for my injection, and I made the mistake of telling the tech that my feet were itchy the last time I had this done!  Dammit....that means I had an allergic reaction last time and I got sent home, no CT and made a re-appointment to come back on Monday so I could be medicated for 12 hours prior so that I didn't have an allergic reaction.

After all this I got to go visit with my babies that I don't get to see enough... BRAG TIME!


Then another errand that took me 2 hours in the opposite direction of home, then home, finally.  It was after 6pm and I had been in the car or on an exam table the entire day.  No workout, no calorie burn, no explanation for the pain....

This weekend was football, some sleep, and some yard work.  I really didn't do much on Saturday, I don't know what all happened on Saturday, I think I have blocked it out.  I know we got to play some has begun!

Then today it was back to the medical test.  Today was only the CT scan and I was prepared.  I had taken 15 pills in 12 hours and then 1 Benadryl.  I couldn't sleep at all Sunday night just in anticipation of this test, really, I knew I wouldn't know anything today but I worked myself up.  I left way to early and got there way early.  Its ok, I was just a little bit nervous.  This scan takes a total of 3 minutes, so I drove 2 hours, waited 30 minutes, drank the contrast juice and waited an hour, laid on a table for 3 minutes and then had to sit in the waiting room for another 15 minutes just so they would know that I wasn't going to fall out of an allergic reaction. 

She missed the vein so now I have a bruise, wah!  To tell you how much I like this docs office, she was so embarrassed and apologetic that she missed.  It never happens.

But it was all worth it cause when it was done my day started looking up!!!!  I got to go eat at the greatest restaurant ever, Calypso Cafe, then I went and got a great deal on a new dress to interview in for under $20, and went to go see my babies again.  This time I didn't have to run halfway across the state so I was on my way home.  On my way to the house the Benadryl and the lack of sleep really started to catch up with me.  I just wanted to get in bed!  It was only 4 o'clock so I couldn't get in bed yet....instead my sister came and got me and took me to get my car (Oh, I left that out, my thermostat went out over the weekend so I took it to get fixed so I drove my mom's tiny car all day....Actual tweet from today....)

I had my car and I was done for the day.  I had gone through a full battery charge on my phone twice.  I just wanted to go to bed (and so did my phone).  I told myself I had to make it until 8pm.  If you are under 85 and go to bed before 8pm you have to turn in your "young card" and officially move into a retirement community.  I made it to 8 and I'm almost done with my post. 

I have another job interview tomorrow as well as some yard work and an afternoon workout.  Hopefully, I wont have to go 4 days without a workout again.  I do what I can when I don't get to the gym but I need my gym, now I can do upper body again so I need to get to those weights!

GOODNIGHT PEOPLE!  I'll do better this week.

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Spoonful of Me said...

Everytime I have a rental car, I search the parking lot for mine then realize that I don't have it.

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