Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Done So Early!

I'm not sure why I am done so far ahead of schedule today but its only 5:00pm and I have done all my town errands, worked out twice and swam with my swimming buddy.  I am now home debating what color to pain my nails and packing up my clothes for tomorrow.

I woke up early this morning...if I don't wake up early my sisters will start calling me so I finally just gave in and woke up and met them at Sonic for a morning Diet Coke.  I went straight from there and went directly to the gym.  I was on a mission to accomplish all my goals that I set last night.

 5K on the elliptical...I started with this one.

Do 215lbs on the leg press machine.  I actually did 235lbs on the leg press machine.  I cant do big math before 10am.  I have gotten so heavy that I now make sure someone is in the room with me so I don't get stuck under the machine.

50 squats.  Ha ha!  I did about 2000 squats today.  I joined the group fitness Power class and did the leg workout with them.  I exceeded my squats by about 20x.  I'm gonna regret that tomorrow.

I discovered this after my workout, a big giant hole in my tight pants.  Now I'm down to 2 pairs!

I was done at the gym for my morning workout.  I had been there well over and hour and I had some errands to run.  I went back at 3pm to swim with my swimming buddy.  This is our time to start back up after summer vacation.  I didn't do anything in the pool except walk back and forth with her but when we were done I put my clothes back on and headed upstairs to finish up my goals for the day.

15 minutes on level 3 of the StairMaster.  This is so much harder than it should be but I got it done today with only one 15 second break.  Victory!

At my afternoon workout I realized that both shirts I packed you could see through so I wore them both together.  It was incredibly hot and looked incredibly stupid but I didn't have any other option excepts let everyone look at my belly while I worked out!  NOT HAPPENING!  Although this morning there was an old lady that rocked out the sports bra look at the gym!  wow!

Workout shirt fail!

I accomplished all my workout goals.  And now I am home!  Already cleaning up and getting ready for tomorrow.  Tomorrow I only have cardio so I should be spending significantly less time at the gym tomorrow.

Now the biggest concern is what color to paint my finger nails.  I painted 4 different colors on 4 different nails and asked opinions around town but no one gave the right answer.  What do you guys think?

I have already made my decision but I wanted to know what you guys thought.  At the rate I'm going I will be in bed by 7:30!   I just love overly productive days...and early nights!

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