Sunday, August 26, 2012

Friday was Moving Day

Alright, let's just go ahead and talk about Friday!  It was a pretty tough day on so many levels.  Friday was the day my niece has been looking forward to for months, I have been pretty excited for her but the closer "Off to College Moving Day" came the more it started to suck.

I woke up early so I could go to the gym before we started to move her.  I like to eat my feelings and work out my stress.  I was apparently more stress about her moving than I thought cause I nearly killed myself at the gym.  For starters everyone that walked in the door was getting on my nerves, I finally realized I was the problem.  One guy came in with suspenders on his workout shorts, every machine I wanted was broken or taken, one guy looked at me, etc.  I finally got all the people out of the room and got the treadmill by myself and it was time to go, and then a woman walked in and got on the one machine right beside me!!!!  I know this was all my anxiety but I was starting to get put out.

I was doing intervals on the treadmill and going faster and faster every time.  I thought I would do 5 maybe 10 and I ended up doing 30.  But in the midst of my intervals I got rid of the lady next to me by growling.  She left quickly after that.  I ran out of time before I ran out of energy.  I was sooooo worn out when I was done I had to sit down on the treadmill.  And this was all before 9am!!!!!

Then it was time to send her off.  Ohhhhhh, she turned into a small child right before my eyes.  All of a sudden she was not big enough to go to college.  Honestly, I was sooooooo happy for her and excited for her and happy to get to be part of her big day.  You know there are lots and lots of pictures of the day.  We packed up the car and headed off!!!!

Car packed up...

Ready to move in!

We actually stayed up there for the whole day getting things moved, shopping for the things we forgot, and buying t-shirts to be supportive. 

Shopping and coffee, we were all pretty tired at this point.
COFFEE and Mother/Daughter moment.
We finally got done with all the moving, decorating, and goodbyes and left her all to herself.  Last couple of pictures for the night.  Sister3 was in full force "Mom"aratzzi mode, that's why we have so many pictures tonight!

She is ready to go!!!!

I'm gonna miss this girl, she has been a good running buddy, a triathlon partner and pretty regular on the blog over the past few years.  I'm gonna miss her so hard but shes not that far away, if I need a fix Ill just go see her and take her to lunch!  Love you baby!!!!

Her First Half-Marathon.
Triathlon Times
We finally finished up and headed home.  It was a good day all and all.  We got home late which led into Saturday pretty good.  I spend the majority of Saturday catching up on sleep and just hanging and doing chores around the house.  It was definitely a recovery day....after the crazy morning workout and the carrying heavy boxes up steps I needed a day off. 
There was definitely no workout today, and tomorrow is not looking good either. 
Next Topic, not at all related:
After I got the chores done I started in on some art projects.  I finally tried a Pinterest art project, I do the workouts all the time but this is my first art project.
How cute are these things....

 My sisters have made fun of my office wall art for years and now they have nothing to make fun of!

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