Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Found Something Worse....

You all know how I feel about Burpees, they suck, great workout and I keep doing them but they suck.  They hurt my entire body and I am not getting any better at them, but again, I keep doing them.  But today I might have found a workout that sucks just as bad as a Burpee and another Burpee workout that I'm gonna have to try.

Ok, new workout, power cleans.  They also use all the muscles in your body but this time we added weights!

And I'm gonna feel these should give these a try.  Since I'm new to the clean and the jerk together I did a lower weight tonight but I am going to work my way up with good form and heavy weights.

The new Burpee workout goes as follows.  Do as many Burpees as you can in 7 minutes.  That's it.  7 minutes, some part of the chest has to touch the ground every time, and you have to touch a spot 6 inches above your head every single time.  I watched a video of 2 girls doing this, professionals, and they were hurting.  I'm thinking about doing it once a week and seeing if I get any better each time.

It looks so tough that I might have to start with less than 7 minutes!  I'm gonna give it a try, maybe tomorrow morning but I'm not sure Ill be brave enough to attempt it by then....just watch!

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Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

hi! happy friday! im new to your blog! just thought i'd say hello & wish you good luck on your journey to lose weight. dieting is never fun. ive never even heard of burlps haha! have you tried Zumba? new follower btw :)

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