Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Think Tomorrow I'll Just Go To The Gym....

....it has to be easier than what I did today.

I vowed to get a workout and I got a doozie of a workout today.  All by yard work.  My sisters volunteered me to do some work on the football field so it will look good for game day.   I didn't realize how much work it would require but I was there bright and early with my work clothes on.

They nearly killed me today.  We moved soccer goals, heavy soccer goals and lots of them.  We also moved a football sled, that weighed about 2000 pounds.  It was lots of sweat and picking up heavy things.  I didn't even go to the gym because I spent the entire day doing yard work. 

3000lbs.  It gets heavier every time I think of it.

I did get to take a break in the middle of the day to go to a job interview, whew, I was glad to get a break.  The others worked the entire day.  This was a better workout that I could have gotten if I had gone to the gym.  I was trying to go to the gym tomorrow but I will be going to do yard work again!!!!

I'm already in trouble for posting these to Instagram so I might as well put them on here too.

We had to finish up once the kids got out of school and it was time to go home and repair the broken skin on the feet, shower, and get some nourishment before we headed out to ball games.  I had 2 sonic drinks and somehow they both ended up way across the room from me and my body hurt too bad to go get them.

As I lay on the couch tonight blogging I'm praying that my bones will quit hurting before we go again tomorrow.  I hoping that my blisters will heal just a bit and that I don't forget socks tomorrow.  After we work tomorrow I hope to be able to get in my Wednesday night run.  It has become kind of a tradition the last few weeks so maybe I can get a few miles in.

My poor pitiful feet.

Now, I know you are surprised but I am going to early bed time yet again!  They are working me to death.  My body cant keep up with all this abuse.  Tomorrow I will try to get some pictures of all of our injuries, we have so many!

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Meghan said...

Looks like you burned a lot of calories. I love a Sprite Zero/diet cherry flavoring from Sonic! :)

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