Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK....
...that every section of my body is sore today.
...that I woke up early to make a phone call at exactly 8am so that I could be the first one in line and I already have a 37 minute wait time.  Maybe others will get tired of waiting and move my time up.
...that I have a whole new love of the show Will & Grace and its been off the air for 5 years now.
...that I'm only working out once today.  ONCE!!!!  One Time!!!!!!!!!
...that I accidentaly fell asleep with a BondiBand in my hair last night and this morning my hair is a crazy hot mess.  Beyond crazy!
...that I'm still on hold.
...that this hold music is sooo bad that I want to stab myself in the ear but I cant leave the phone to go get a knife.
...that my main concern is getting off of hold in time to make it to my job interview on time!


Nicole said...

It's ok that I totally googled BondiBand & am totally convinced I need one even though I do not workout whatsoever! Maybe it can be motivation lol

Emily said...

You do need one. Everyone needs one. I workout in one and I have one on my sink that I use to hold my hair back while I wash my face at night.

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