Thursday, August 30, 2012

I've Been Trying to Post

Wow!  The last two days of my life have been packed full.  I have had 2 interviews and a meeting with the TN Unemployment We Make It So Challenging for You to Receive Your Benefits in Hopes that YOU will Give Up and Just Sacrifice Your Less Than Minimum Wage Check Each Week Office.  That's right, I was selected to participate in a study group to make sure people on Unemployment are trying to find a job.  Well I am, and the 2 hours I have to drive to the meeting and the hour and a half I have to spend in the meeting is really cutting into my looking for a job time.

None the less I have been on the job hunt big time this week.  I have also been on the Birthday train...3 birthdays in one week is a lot of cupcakes to bake and lots of parties to attend!

Sister 3 got a new app on her she makes collages.
The birthday Children...up next Sister 3!!!!!

We Party Hard!

They were sooooo happy about wearing the hats.

Sister 2 and me in the party spirit!

Now with all this party fun and cupcake eating I have also had to do lots of gym work.  The gym is still hotter than hell since the AC is still out!!!!!

Sorry, I have gotten ahead of myself....after my Unemployment extravaganza on Wednesday it was off to the gym. 

I brought some sparkle to the gym on Wednesday!

I was really hoping to do my 7 minute Burpee Challenge and Long Run.  Well, that didn't happen because when I woke up on Wednesday morning I had "Dead Arm!"  I slept on my arm really funny and rendered it useless for the entire day.  I was able to run because I was able to keep my arm pretty close to my body.  After a few hours with the TENS unit I got the arm up and moving again.  My dad actually laughed at me for my sleeping injury. sounds nuts but I couldn't lift my arm.

I got the arm moving and the unit off but I cant get the sticky things off now.

Today it was job interview time.....I had an early morning interview and then an afternoon interview.  Then I had a volleyball game and a football game.  Notice no where in the day's description did I mention a workout.  That's because there was no workout.  I spent the entire day on my feet or in the car.  I'm grateful to be getting some interviews and hopefully one of these will actually turn into a job.

Tomorrow morning starts the Birthday parties for Sister 3.  She loves birthdays more than anyone I know so its gonna be 4 days of celebrations!!!!!  I finally finished up her homemade birthday present and I will show it to you after I give it to her.  It has been stressing me a little bit but I think it has turned out really well. 

When things stress me I need my gym but my gym is so hot I am not getting quality workouts!!!!!  Its a catch 22 I tell ya, but one way or the other I am getting a good 1.5-3 hours in at the gym!!!!!!  Hot or not.

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