Thursday, August 23, 2012

Laziness at its Finest

Today I took laziness to a new extreme.  I work up very early, before 9am, and went off to Sonic to have a Diet Coke with my girls before I went to the gym.  I usually go to the gym between 9-10am and today that sooooooo did not happen.  I stayed at Sonic way too long....
I called my girl who is in town and asked if she wanted to come meet us at Sonic with some babies and she did, so Sonic got really interesting and lasted the majority of the morning.
We have a new Sonic fan....
....and the baby was sleeping!

So my entire morning was spent outside at Sonic, not at the gym, no workout, just me in my workout clothes and my headband sitting at Sonic.  I made a trip to the Dollar Store and got me some new rockin' sunglasses and then went to lunch.  Still no workout but still workout clothes...

Sunglasses and workout clothes

This afternoon we had a volleyball game, then dinner, and then to the gym!  Yes, I finally made it to the gym, 12 hours after I left the house to go to the gym.  I got a hell of a workout too.  Let's see, my arms are still sore from Monday, my abs are sore from the run yesterday (apparently I had a tight core yesterday on my run) and I still cant hold my arms over my head.  But tonight I had to do arms again and they are feeling a bit better now.  My abs are still a little sore but over all I worked out all the soreness I could.

After a stop by the store and a trip to the mailbox, all things I should have done during the day but I was too busy sitting outside and playing with the babies I am home and getting ready for tomorrow.  Just a side note:  I just stood up to walk across the room and get something and I nearly fell down because my legs are a bit tired, maybe that soreness thing didn't workout too well.

Tomorrow I have to go to the gym early or not go at all.  I'm helping my niece move off to college tomorrow so I will be out of pocket most of the day!  So excited for her and a little bit hard to believe!  She is still just a baby, not old enough to be in college!!!

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