Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love It, Hate It, Gotta Have It, Can't Live Without It

It's been a while since I have done shameless plugs but I have several products that I don't talk about enough.  I have mentioned some before, some I want to try, and some I think are necessary if you want to workout...EVER!

Love It:

Keeps the skin looking clear, even after marathon trips to the gym....I keep it in both of my bathrooms at home and also in my gym bag so I can wash my face after a particular sweaty workout.  I also use the body wash if I get any skin breakouts, which is not a big problem for me but this stuff helps so much!

These little pearls keep my clothes smelling wonderful.  I have so few workout clothes that I have to wash A LOT and they smell musty after a while, especially on 2 a day days.  Pop these little guys in the wash with your clothes and they come out smelling wonderfully!

My workout buddy/cousin came in to workout one day in a boyfriend tee from Target and she liked working out in it. I love this tshirt, my fave for everyday wear, so I tried it out. It is the best thing EVER for workouts.

Its something about the v-neck not getting all up in my way, and not getting soaked with sweat so its not heavy. Best idea ever...I bought 3 of these shirts not too long ago and they are in the workout clothes drawer now.
One down side is they are a little bit shorter than I like but the comfort is worth it.

Hate It:   I try not to bash things but there are some bad ones out there.

This may not be a bad bike but it has been nothing but a headache for me.  I paid good money for this bike because it had good parts and would do the kind of distances I wanted.  From the first day (and tire blow) it has been a problem.  I took it back, they fixed it only for it moment because the same tire pops every time.  I would think its cause I'm heavier but its the front tire that keeps popping.  I am taking it back again and me and Wal-Mart and/or Schwinn are going to figure something out!

I would suggest you just keep saving up and get a good road bike.

Gotta Have It or Try It:

These things look ridiculous but if they would keep my butt from hurting after riding the speed bike I would wear them 24/7, even to sleep. 

Does anyone out there wear these and do they help with the pain!??!?!?!

I just need this shirt, I wish it came in a v-neck boyfriend tee.

I have talked about these before and I just realized that I really want to try them now.  I have one good pair of compression pants and 2 pair that are cheap Wal-Mart tight pants.  When I wear my good ones on a run my calves don't hurt, if I wear the cheap ones or shorts I have more calf pain than normal.  Its not bad pain but I can tell a difference when I wear the good compression vs. the bad compression.  I will be trying these out very soon.  I'm just not sure I'm ready for knee socks!

Can't Live Without It:

I really wanted to try these guys out but never thought I would love them.  I LOVE THEM!  They are wireless headphones and I wear mine every single day.  They are a good sound quality, they are wireless, and they work well as a bluetooth headset as well.  I can workout and talk on the phone at the same time.  Also, they hold up to sweat.  I have finished workouts before and they were soaking wet and they still charge and work like the first time!  You have to get these!

Bungee Laces.  I didn't know I would love these things.  I bought them as an impulse buy after I had a long run and had to tie my shoe 15 times in the same run.  Now I have them in 2 of my 4 pairs of shoes and I would have them in all of my shoes but I haven't been back to the store to get more. 

Just slip your shoes on and off without having tie and untie, no stretching out the shoes, and no mid-run tie!

These are a few of my favorite (or not so favorite things) and I thought I would share.  Let me know what it is that you just cant do without.  I'm always looking for new things.


Emily said...

Im surprised to hear a rave for those laces, i've looked at them but never went through with it because it seems like something that would loosen after time.

i love the boyfriend v tee from target, i wear it every day at work basically. never thought of it for a workout!

traveler hudd said...

I LOVE the boyfriend tee!! I wear them to work, to the gym, to bed... I have at least 10 in all kinds of colors!!

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