Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Legs and My Butt Are Sooooo Sore!!!!!

I am a victim of group fitness.  Its been a while since I was able to go to any class (with an out of town job and workout restrictions) and I picked a doozie to start back.  I have missed all the girls I used to get to workout with so on Monday I met with the class and did all the lower body work.  Wow!  Who knew 30 minutes of squats would make me sore, so sore that I cannot walk or get off the toilet?!!?!?  I look like I need a walker just to get around.

Today I only had cardio which I thought might help with the soreness but I was wrong.  I had a great workout day today.  I started the morning with the elliptical machine.  I got 2.5 miles on it.  I had planned on going for a little run this afternoon so I didn't want to overdo it on my already sore legs. 

I loaded up on my KT tape because I love this stuff.  I love the support it supplies and I know that I am currently overdoing it a little bit but I don't want to hurt myself.  So I taped up good for today.

The mid-day was full of job search activities.  Emailing, calling, filling out apps online.  After all that it was time for my afternoon workout.  I drove into town and started from the church so that I could end at the church in time for Praise Team practice. 

I started too early!  I left while it was still really sunny and hot.  I did some pretty big hills today, which I am getting better at BTW!  Then I did a mix of walking, jogging, and running.  At some points I was really kinda kicking it.  I also got chased by 2 dogs, at the same time, tripped on a cracked up sidewalk and "sweated" so much that my KT tape started to come off.  It was a pretty good balance.  Just before the 3 mile mark I started hurting.  I had been in the sun the entire time at that point and I was a long way away from water.  I called in all my favors to get some water but no one was home so I just had to suck it up and keep going. 

At mile 3.5 I got back to my car and got some water!  It was the greatest hot water I have ever drank.  I was still feeling ok so I went out to finish up and get an even 4 miles.  That is the longest I have run in a while and I sure didn't set out expecting to get that far today. 

After the run was over and my muscles were all warm and flexible I thought this would be the perfect time to stretch.  Wrong!  That somehow compounded the soreness.  I stretched all the muscles that were hurting the worst, inner thighs and butt! 

Once practice was over it was finally time to pry these shoes off my feet and go meet my nightly date for a little Olympic action.  My feet were so smelly I couldn't even let them in my car so I went to the ol' smelly feet standby cure.

Baby Powder....and no shoes!

I am finally home, finally.  I am ready to lay down and get some rest to help with this leg soreness.  Tomorrow its back to leg weights if I can lift my legs.  I might have to go easy tomorrow just until I can move again.

Total miles today:  6.11 miles  SUCCESS!

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