Monday, August 6, 2012

Not My Best Day, Not the Worst

Let's I had a lot of fun.  My sisters are determined to not let me get lazy during my unemployment so they are filling my days up with lots of activities.  Today I went shopping for my niece.  We left early and got back in the early afternoon.

I missed breakfast because I literally ran out of the house in a huge hurry cause I was late.  Y'all know I am not a meal misser.  I like to eat every meal and ever snack, everyday!  Today I missed breakfast, I didn't have a snack so at lunch I was pretty hungry.  I did "ok" at lunch.  I had a bowl of really good soup that was cheesy and chickeny and I have no idea what the carb count was.  It really doesn't matter cause I also had chips and salsa with it so I'm pretty sure my 5 carb limit was broken. 

I tried to make good decisions I was just too hungry when we sat down for lunch.  Anyway, I really didn't do that terrible and its not worth beating myself up over.  The one thing I am kinda upset with is that I never got to workout today.  I should have made time for it but I just got bogged down with other things and didn't prioritize.

I'm beginning to miss the structure of having a job, a set lunch time, a packed meal, and a schedule.  Its good to fill up my time but I think I am going to have to pack my food again and just carry it with me throughout the day.  I really do struggle when I go out to eat because there is not much to choose from when you are at a fast food restaurant and I shouldn't be there anyway!  I'm just going to have to plan better.

My total calorie count for the day is really low.  I missed dinner as well.  I'm supplementing dinner with string cheese and pudding.  Tomorrow I am going to do better on both my food and my workoutS!  You have my work on that.  Im not getting down on myself about today, I just have to let it go and do better tomorrow.

Tomorrows goals:

5k on the elliptical.
17 minutes on level 3 on the stair master
215lbs on leg press
50 squats

Better food! Less carbs more veg!

Get a Job!  That's an everyday goal until I find one.

Hopefully at the end of the day tomorrow I will have a completed goals list and maybe a picture or two of the day.

Ill show you the only photo I have today.  It's actually a fun little game.  Can you guess what I was doing?

I'm gonna try to do this more often and make you guys guess!  I posted it to Instagram (fatgirltothin) and I will put it on Facebook (Fat Girl to Thin) and Twitter (@fatgirltothin) too.  You can follow me at all three!

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