Monday, August 6, 2012

Phone Photo Monday

This week was fun on the photo front....

We support the Ta-Ta's in this family!

Farm Bureau Pink Trucker Hat.  All money goes to Breast Cancer Research.  $5 at your local Farm Bureau.

Voguing for the camera, or Duckfacing for the camera.

Trying to take a picture of my hair-do...

Got it! 

Cake Baking is getting serious, reusable piping bags!

I don't think they were listening in Sunday School

One good run!

I think I moved to level 3 too quickly.  It nearly killed me!

Volleyball has begun, she's an All-Star already

Yard Work is Duuuuurty

Like Father like son....I still don't know why he was riding the lawn mower on the road so I stopped and took a picture!

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