Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rest/ Restriction is OVER!!!

Well today was the first day back with no restriction on my workout.  I got all my test results back from the doc and there is nothing wrong with my body.  The pain in "The Area" is caused by nothing and I am not restricted at all.  Now the pain may be caused by nothing but it still hurts.  Either way, there is no reason that I cannot workout my upper body so I'm free. 

And today I put my freedom to the test.  I just got to finally lift on my upper body and do some of my Pinterest workouts that have been off limits because of the upper body aspect.  I started with a quick mile on the elliptical machine.  Then lifted upper body:  Medium weights, high reps, quick from one workout to the other.  Then I went straight from the weights to 2 circuits....

I did both workouts once with no repeat because I did these two back to back. Then I was finished....my arms were shot and shaking. I still have to go back to the gym this afternoon and swim with my swimming buddy and I will get another cardio sweat in after we swim by swimming some laps on my own. I haven't been able to do those either. Tomorrow I'm hoping to try out another Pinterest workout...
It will probably kick my butt too!

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