Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

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So its not quite Thursday yet but I'll be thankful a little bit early this week.

I'm Thankful that...

....I have had a date every night to watch the Olympics with...even though he is a little bit crazy.

hahahahahhaha!  Makes me laugh everytime he wears his glasses like this.

....that I was able to complete 4 miles today running.  That's my longest run in a while.

Ive posted this same picture 3 times tonight!!  haha, sorry guys!

...that my babies are back in school so we can get some nighttime activities that do not include the Olympics.  I have enjoyed them very much but I'm ready for football and volleyball season!

She's gonna be a superstar!

....for friends who let you walk into their house and steal water when they are not home because you might be dying.  You know who you are!

....for people who honk while I'm running on the road, If you honk I'll wave!

....for sisters and family that are helping me so much in trying to find a job.  I have so many helpers I cannot thank them all individually but you guys are so helpful!

.....that I do not have to drive 30 miles to work every day on a 2 lane road that has a speed limit of 35mph but no one goes over 20!

....finally, I am thankful for to have an able body that can keep up with everything I put it through. 

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