Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday, My Day of Rest

Well, I was hoping to sleep to a regular time this morning and get ready to interview, turns out I wanted to make a call that I have not been able to get through for 2 days so I woke up early so I could be the first caller.  I was on hold for a total of 90 minutes and getting angrier and angrier every second.  They were getting dangerously close to making me late for my interview.  I had to deal with them so I couldn't hang up, but I had to blow dry my hair too.  To tell you how long I waited I took a shower while I was on hold and was still on hold when I got out.

I finally got all that wrapped up and made it to my interview right on time.  I was a little flustered when the interview started and I caught myself talking really fast and using my hands too much but I calmed down a bit and it got much better by the end.

When that was over and done I ran around town and visited with some people.  My brother-in-law cooked me some fresh popcorn for me, yum!!! and I visited a few more people before I headed home for a little rest and relaxation.  I tried to take a nap but yet again I was unable to go to sleep.  I haven't been able to sleep for a week now!  I just want to get a good nights sleep. 

I finally gave up on my nap and got up to go workout.  I only had one workout today, woo hoo, and I could tell as I walked up the steps to they gym that that was the best decision I have made this week because I my legs were fatigued from climbing 25 steps.  Oh, and I was huffing and puffing at the top.  I am just tired and worn out so I knew it was a good idea to only do one workout today. 

When I walked into the cardio room I saw the perfect thing....

That's right, all by my lonesome.  I got to watch whatever I wanted on all 4 TVs which was important since today was a marathon ride on the elliptical machine. 

I started riding and it was not too bad.   It was a little warm in the room but the workout was ok.  Then it moved to the upper interval and it nearly killed my quads...this was going to be pleasurable, I only had 29 more of the high interval to go.  I got all involved in my TV show so I wasn't paying attention to the pain in my legs.  I did however notice the guy who came in and got on the treadmill right behind me, twice...if you want to look at my butt just look at it but quit walking around behind me. 

By the way I know why he was looking today, my outfit and my butt were looking good!  Ok I have a whole new post coming about this shirt.  Its the perfect workout shirt ever.  I bought 3 to wear to work but now that I am jobless I workout in them and they are perfect.  The V-Neck is the key, but like I said, I have a whole other post about that.

Then there is the new go-to hair style for the gym.  I am just loving the stupid little headbands.  They are off brand rubber bands but they are great!

I got done with my workout, I was very happy about that.  I got in a heck of a burn today.

I'm hoping to be the new spokes person for SmartWater.  I seem to have one all the time now and it photo bombs all my pictures, I carry and drink it more than Jennifer Anniston.

I cant figure out why they haven't called me yet.  We are like twins!

Anyway, the machine cut off on me right before my 60 minute time frame and I don't know why but everything else was at a good stopping point.  4 miles, 800 calories, and I wish it would show you the pulse rate.  It was also messed up so it told me the entire time I was working out that my pulse rate was 212 or higher and I wasn't even holding the pulse sensors.

I'm very happy that I took a one workout day, now I'm hanging at Dad's house for our nightly Olympic date.  He promised tonight that he will route for Aly Raisemen with me and we will cheer her to a gold medal, yes I know it is over so please don't ruin it for me if you know who won!  I haven't been on the Internet in days just trying to not ruin the Prime Time Olympics!

I'm hoping to have one more post for you guys tonight about new things (products) that I love and hate.  I haven't had any shameless plugs lately so I'm gonna get them all in at once.  Come back and see!

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