Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Upper Body Day!

Today was Upper Body Tuesday!!!!  And I have officially worked my upper body to the max.  This morning I went to the gym with the intention of a lot of more cardio and a lot less weights but yet again the air conditioner is out at the gym so the cardio room was about 90 degrees (no exaggeration.)  I got on the elliptical and I ran a mile before I had to leave the room.  It was just too hot!!!!  I could run outside and it be cooler than it was in that room.  So I went to the big room at the gym and did some weights. 

I could tell I was getting stronger on the arms today.  I was able to do more reps on every exercise.  Don't get me wrong, it was tough, I was grunting and groaning, but I am getting stronger.  The upper body still hurts but I'm just having to take lots of Aleve and deal with it. 

After the weights I was done with the gym.  I just cant believe that the AC is broken again.  It seems like every other week the Air is out.  This is a gym, you know where people are working hard and sweating and trying to get in shape, but there is a point where it is just too hot!!!!  I know their main focus is not the gym but the rehab center but I want them to care as much about the wellness side of the facility as I do.  (Ill get off my soapbox now!)

I went back to the gym this afternoon to swim with my swimming buddy.  She swims first and then I stay in the pool for a little solo swim.  I stuck with the upper body focus and did the majority of the swim with my paddles.  I'm glad to be done working out for the day.  I might ride my bike a little bit tonight while watching TV but the intense workouts are over for the day.

These are swim paddles for those who don't know. You put them on your hands and swim the freestyle stroke normally.

Let me tell you about my good news.....I'M GOING TO JAMAICA!!!!!!!  I have already changed my ring tone to Bob Marley and I am speaking in a Jamaican accent 40% of the day.  I have been needing a new goal or motivation and this is definitely it.  I think just losing the weight that I've put back on should be enough motivation but apparently it is not, but now that I know I'm going to have to spend 4 days walking around the islands in a bathing suit it makes me want to get some pounds off.  I am not expecting to lose 130 pounds in 5 weeks but I can probably get some off and get a little more bathing suit ready.  Now this is subject to change and I know that but I can still get prepared to look great in my bathing suit.

I haven't had a big goal or challenge lately and this just might be what I need.  I made out a plan like the Chris Powell one year, 365 day weight loss, but I need a race or a challenge to get on board with.  If you guys know of any new workout program let me know.  

Tomorrow I'm going to do the 7 minute Burpee challenge.  I have already downloaded a counter app because I think I'm going to do enough to justify needing a counter, probably not but why not.  I'm hoping to do this every week and keep track of the results.  I don't have a goal number because I really don't know how hard this is going to be, I'm just going to do my best and try to beat it each week.  I'm also doing loads of leg work tomorrow and Long Run Wednesday. 

And then the Random Topic of the Day:

Have y'all ever watched Dance Moms?  Oh my gosh, this show is ridiculous.  Its a bunch of grown ups that argue for a solid hour.  I am amazed how these women talk to each other in front of their children, I'm amazed how this teacher talks to the children, and all on national television.  They are all so childish and petty.  I'm watching the show with my jaw on the floor!

This will not be on my weekly list to watch!!!  WOW!!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't knock Dance Moms!

Anonymous said...

Dont defend Dance Moms. These women are crazy starting with their leader Abby Lee. I have never seen such behavior in front of children. Would you put your kids in this class?

Anonymous said...

No I wouldnt put my kids in her classes for sure. However, she does know how to win at the competitions. The moms are crazy! They pay to be treated that way. It is just so much fun to watch!

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