Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where Has the Day Gone?

Well today I managed to accomplish a lot but I have been so busy that I have not posted, Instagrammed, or even tweeted all day long.  You know that means busy!!!!  I took the day today to run some errands that just had to be done.  I have a birthday present to make and a few to buy so I took the day and went shopping. 

Have no fear, I also got in 2 workouts, 3.5 miles, leg weights and 2 loads of laundry.  I also went to choir practice and changed purses.  That is productive!!!!

I went to the gym first thing and did just a little cardio and then my leg weights.  I like Wednesday morning because its a quick workout.  I know that Wednesday night is "Long Run Wednesday" so I am going to get my cardio in.

I left from the gym and quickly changed clothes and headed to the mall.  I just changed without showering because I wasn't trying on clothes and I wanted to get it all done so I could go for my run before choir practice.  I stopped about 6 different places and even ate a Quizno's sub for lunch on the road.  I mention the food because that is the only thing I ate all day long.  No wonder when I got home tonight I was starving!

I made it back in time to run and go to choir practice.  That took up the rest of my evening.  I actually went to practice sweating and gross, yet again, but it worked out best because when practice was over I helped change a tire.....haha this is how I help.

They changed the tire, and I heeeelped!  Well I held the flash light...

After choir practice I had to do a little bit of delivery for some of the things I had bought.  I cant tell you all the things I got cause they are presents...I did however get myself a little treat, a new purse, because it was very much time for a new purse for this FatGirl. 

I finally got to the house after 10pm.  All my clothes were just piled in the floor from all the changes of clothes and bags were piled up too from all the shopping.  I even had bags that were in my car from earlier this week.  Once I got all the stuff put away and washed I was ready for supper.  That was at 10:30pm, and I have nothing to eat!!!  I ate a bowl of chili at 10:30, that is so weird.

I'm just hoping to wind down before bed so I can do it all over again tomorrow!

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