Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Job, New Gym, Things are a Changin'

I don't have a new gym, not yet as least, but today I went and visited a gym close to my work and I loved it!  Loved Loved LOVED it!!!!!  It's called D1 and they are a nationwide chain.  I saw things today that only I would smile about....for example...I walked in the door and there was a football field inside (smile), 6 undulation ropes (bigger smile), and a huge tire with a sledgehammer beside it (biggest smile ever!!!)  Its all I could imagine in a gym.  I'm blinded right now by all the cool stuff!  They don't have a cardio room, weight room, pool, etc.  Its got a weight room and then the workouts are done group training style on the football field.  All done with a personal trainer....soooooo cool. 

Best part, they are gonna let me try it out before I commit to paying way to much money to join a gym.  I will be taking them up on that free trial for sure and hopefully I will just love it and lose all the weight I have gained in the last year.  My weight has been going down over the last few weeks just not as fast as I would like.  I think a change of pace might be just what I need.

Why not change up lots of things?  New job, which I am still loving by the way, and new gym.  I already am too busy to eat so a new Athlete focused gym might be just what I need.

Now that Ive covered the "new" stuff, I have some pics to share from this weekend....  Remember I was a host home for D-NOW (Disciple Now) Church Camp.  I was hoping to get in a workout on Saturday when we went to the ropes course.  I had no idea I was going to get in a marathon, all on a trail, uphill both ways.  I burned my calories for sure, which was good because they fed me good at church. 

On Friday night I posted until they went to bed...well, they didn't go to bed, another movie....

They finally went to sleep, it wasn't real late, but later than I like to go to bed.
Double fisting it after a long night with children.

Their mothers wanted photos...

They were not so happy about that.

He is the best hula hooper ever.  Like for real, I just snapped the picture at a bad time.

That's the perfect size salsa

It was toooooo much wilderness for this FatGirl, but they loved it.

Session 3, the children listened....

The teachers were pooped!

 A day of Instagramming photos gives me lots of likes.

Now tomorrow I wont get to long run like I like to do on Wednesday afternoon, but hopefully chili wont get in the way this time, that's a lie I love it when chili gets in the way, but that's not why I am not running tomorrow.  Remember 2 weeks ago when I went to the dentist after 15 years (not that long really but way tooooo long) well tomorrow I get to go pay for all those years that I didn't pay to go to the dentist.

That's right folks, I will pay....tomorrow I am having my first ever root canal, my first ever crown and 2 fillings.  Eh!  I'm so not happy about this, especially since it happens at the same time as my long run.

Take my advise, just go to the dentist and don't grind your teeth.  That's really my big problem but I cant help that so I blame it on the years of not going to the dentist.

I think I am caught up.  Ill try to get back tomorrow!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Week One is in the Books

Well, week one of the new job is officially in the books.  I am still very much liking my job.  I am so happy to have a job and one that keeps me busy all day.  I can see how weight loss might be easier than I thought because I don't have time to eat.   But then the downside is that I have gotten drive through 2 nights this week cause I was starving at 5pm.

I am really looking forward to my next week at work.  I am going to do better with my workouts next week too.  You know I have to make it someone elses fault that I didn't get my workouts in but this week it is so true.  On Wednesday I got home at a reasonable time, got changed into my workout clothes, and on my way to town for my long run, I got a phone call....."I'VE GOT CHILI!!!!"

And it was Delicious!!!! (That picture is strange)

So I went to Sister 2's house and had dinner and by the time I got done with all my chili it was time to go to choir practice and I didn't get to run.  But I did get chili. 

Throwback Thursday...
Thursday started with another Starbucks (which my niece says I'm mean for posting pics of it) and another very full busy day of work.  And again....I skipped my workout for a birthday party for my nephew and some prep time with my nephew for our slumber party.  Then I had to go home and clean the house up and get ready for the big slumber party.

He made me a list of all the things we would need to have for the party tonight.  It might be the cutest list I have ever taken to the grocery store. 

I mean seriously, is this not the cutest thing ever.  Every time I looked at it I smiled again.  I spent my lunch hour getting everything that was requested...

So I powered through the rest of the day (pounded the coffee) and then it was off to church. 

Ha ha just for you Elbow!

Tonight's party is actually being a host house to a weekend church camp.  I finally got to the church and it was Church camp time.  After some songs and small group (and some counselor fun in the kitchen)  it was off to my house.  I had 3 4-5 grade boys, 2 nephews and their friend. 

We are leaders.  We can teach them how to have fun!!!!

Now we are trying to wind down for the night, ok, I'm trying to wind down, and get rested for a ropes course tomorrow. 


Movie time....
Sleep...not so much!
Tomorrow I have a whole day Church Camp again but maybe there will be a hidden workout in there somewhere.  Maybe!?!?!?!

All in all it has been a pretty great week.  The new job is working out and I get to spend some quality time with my boys.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This Whole Full Time Work Thing Is Exhausting

Day 2 at a new job and I am pooped.  I'm just kidding too...I have completed day 2 of my new job and I am learning so much and looking forward to going back.  I cannot say that about my last job, I dreaded every second of that place.  But I am still in the honeymoon stage of the new job but I keep finding things that are pretty neat.  For example:  Every morning I have to pass Starbucks to get to my office.  OK!!!!

I feel a daily photo of my Starbucks cup coming.  (Feel free to follow "fatgirltothin" on Instagram for those photos) I can actually drink Starbucks without much guilt.  My favorite drink is a latte or half coffee half warm milk.  Either way its not crazy high calories because I get skim milk and no sweeteners!  Its harder on the wallet than the waist line.

I'm still trying to figure out my whole gym situation.  The girl that cut my hair the other day is a longtime friend and she and I are both working in the same area now and we got to talking about a CrossFit gym.  You know I am dying to try this out, and I want to do the whole sha-bang, not just a CrossFit workout for dummies.  So now I am looking into CrossFit gyms as well as a new everyday gym.  My gosh my gym memberships are going to cost a fortune, maybe I can find a gym that has both in one.  IM SOOOOOOO CONFUSED! I'm gonna figure it out really!

I'm having early bedtime tonight so I can actually get up in the morning and ride or run...I don't know which one yet but the clothes are laid out and ready to go.  Ill have to check the weather in the morning and decide then....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Things that make you go "YUUUMMMM!"

Today's lunch is brought to you by Yogurt Mountain....and it was GOOOOOOOD!

A Week Off...

There are so many reasons you don't wait a week before posting!  I know this but like you guys know when things start changing in my life I got into crisis mode just a little bit and have to re-adjust.  Well this week things started changing and I stopped posting...Let's see what you've missed.....

1.  GOT A JOB!!!!!-  That's right guys, I got a job.  I started today and after one day I am really liking it so far.  I know DAY ONE is always good.  I didn't talk about it last week much because I am superstitious and I didn't want to jinx anything.  Today it was official and I enjoyed it!

2.  Did not get to the gym like I needed to

3.  Went to the fair, got to eat, see babies, eat some more, and buy a purse

I wasn't eating alone...

Now that's a handful...

Precious boys!!!

Having some fun!
And I really did buy a purse!

4.   Went to the dentist for the first time in 7 years.  That is so embarrassing to say.  I got these babies cleaned and located about 42 cavities!  Nut Shell, don't wait 7 years!!!!

~Pretty pretty white teeth~

5.  Helped take care of an injured nephew...who under the influence of pain meds told me I was the strongest person in my family!!!  That's right.

I'm NOT scared of you!

6.  Got new brakes- that was a expensive fun one!

7.  Have not read or written a blog post in over a week.

8.   Got all my hair chopped off and colored

Inspired by Miley, shaved in the back, long and mohawky in the front...and I don't have a picture of it yet.  I took one and sent it to my sisters but I cannot find it on my phone.  I promise I will take one when I fix it tomorrow.

Naturally blond!  Hahahahah.

9.  I did not do laundry this week....

That ain't that half of it!

10.  And finally, I turned my AC back on so I can snuggle up in my sweatshirt while I sit in bed blogging!

I think that is everything I missed over the last week.  I phone photo dumped and covered everything.  The most important thing was finding a job and I am so grateful that I did.  My Bro-in-law really helped me out and I couldn't be more grateful. 

Now, here we go again, for the 3rd time in less than a year I have to find my new workout schedule.  I have my clothes laid out for tomorrow including my tight pants and sports bra on the bike.  Hopefully I can be more proactive in finding that schedule this time.  Last time I didn't make my workout a priority (not #1 just a priority) and I ended up losing a month of working out and when I went back I was hospitalized....lets not do that again!!!!

Wish me luck on finding my new routine.  Ill do better this week with my posting too.  I'm cant think of anything I might jinx this week so maybe I can post!

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Good Monday

How often can you say, oh, Monday was good this week?  I can today.  I had just the best day I have had in a while.  I have had some fair share of bad days or boring days over the last few weeks and today was nice.

I had another job interview today and it went really well.  I'm just hoping and praying for a new job, the right job, and that is really all I can do.  Anyway, today went good and gave me a new little pump of energy that I needed. 

I did get to the gym tonight, it was late but I got there.  I got there and did my workout and with 4 sprints left the treadmill shut down....again!  I don't know if I told y'all that before but on Friday when I tried to run sprint on the treadmill it moved for about 15 seconds and then shut down and caused me to juke my knee.  I got on every single treadmill in the room and they all were broken or skipped in one way or the other.  Needless to say, I was pretty pissed and the fact that it did it again tonight just aggravated me.  Its official 5 out of 5 treadmills are broken, 3 out of 5 elliptical are broken. 

For that reason today I went and checked out another gym.  It a little bit further away from my house but driving 2 more miles for equipment that isn't broken would be a fair trade.  The gym I went to visit today was twice the price of my gym and more focused on weight lifting/body building.  Probably not for me but it is an alternative...I don't want to change gyms, its such a hassle but I need equipment that work!!!!!

What I would really like to find is a normal gym that has a CrossFit box, a pool, spin class and other assorted classes, and a good price.  Is that asking tooooo much?  I don't want a tanning salon, that's one thing that is not on my list!  haha.

So wish me luck on finding a new job and finding a new gym.  Until then I will just walk on the broken treadmill and ride the bike in my living room!

This is totally normal right?!?!?!  Kitchen table, spin bike, couch....everyone's living room is set up like this right?!?!!

I do have one challenge this weekend.  The fair is in town!  I have become much more of a home body and less of a fair rat over the past few years, but I am drawn to cotton candy and foot long corn dogs.  I cant resist!  I am really only going one night this year, maybe for lunch a couple of days (at a restaurant, not the vendors) so I am trying to decide what to have as my indulgence this week, cotton candy or corn dog?!!?!?  Sugar or Fat?!!?!?!?  What to choose, right now I am leaning towards cotton candy because it is delicious and can last a few days while the corn dog only last a couple of minutes!

I think this will officially catch me up for the weekend!  I hope you all had a great weekend and a good Monday!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Tried Blogging From the Bike....

...it did not work.  The joy of having a spin bike in my living room is that I can get on my phone or iPad and watch TV all while riding what I assume is 45 miles a night.  Tonight I thought I would get fancy and blog while I was doing my warm up, which is just sitting and spinning with little resistance...it cant be done.

I'm sure there are people out there that have the ability to type, balance a laptop, and spin at the same time but I am not one of them.  After typing the title I backspaced it and typed the one that is there, closed the computer and put in away.  There was no way I was going to be able to multitask all that at the same time.

Now that my bike ride is done I can actually type and tell you about my day.  I have had another really good day, both food and workouts.  Today is more of a 4-6 on the exertion scale, I had no weights just cardio today.  I had to help out my cousin this morning so I went to the gym around Lunchtime.  I say lunch time because I learned today, do NOT go to the gym if you are hungry and have not had lunch yet.  I spent the entire time thinking about lunch.  I was starving and couldn't focus on my workout....but I did get my 3.1 elliptical miles done in record time cause I was moving very quickly so I could eat lunch!!!!

I had a little treat for lunch today, Subway!  Nothing like a Turkey Sub to make your afternoon pretty special.  I spent the rest of my afternoon doing chores around the house and beginning of the month bill pay crap.  I really wanted to take a nap since I got a horrible nights sleep last night but instead I changed my sheets because I always sleep better on good clean sheets and I stayed awake in hopes that I will be exhausted tonight and sleep better!

I got all my house stuff done and all my get ready for tomorrow stuff done so I could ride tonight and go to bed all at a reasonable time.  I was overly productive today!

Once I got home tonight I got straight on the bike.  Another bonus to having the bike at your house is you can workout in whatever you want.  Tonight I have on old holey tight pants and a sleeveless shirt that need to be thrown in the garbage.  Ironically I will be throwing the pants away because while mounting on the bike I caught the crotch on the devil bike seat and ripped the entire crotch out.  My legs are incredibly sore from this week and my butt is just about done with this bike seat!!!!  I did get a good 35 minutes on the bike, mostly climbing because of the sore butt, with another good sweat and calorie burn.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with my girls at Sonic and then get in one of my hardest workouts of the week.  Tomorrow I have both weights and interval sprints and if I have any energy left I'm going to try the 7 minute burpee challenge again. I know I can do that one better than before.  This workout is a 15 on the exertion scale and with sore legs it will be even worse.  I'm hoping for a good restful nights sleep, some thigh recovery, and some Sonic will make this workout better.

What do you think, an entire post without one photos, not even a self portrait!  Wow!  I'll do better tomorrow.

Throwback Thursday

I think we can learn so much about each other by old pictures....so here you go!

My throwback Thursday is pretty fun this week...do you guys do this each week?  Let me see them, post a comment with your link if you have one on your blog or Instagram.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK... 
....that Jillian Michaels is BACK!!!!  My excitement is overflowing.
....that I am newly obsessed with the second greatest weight loss show, Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition!!!!
Don't Worry Baby, I love you too!!!
....that I had to take the trash out in the rain tonight, at least I remembered to take it out.
....that the garbage men broke the handle off my garbage making it impossible to move.  Thanks guys!
...that I have had to charge my phone twice today...Ive been busy.
...that I have a movie sitting on my counter that I have been trying to watch for 2 days and I still haven't even put it in the DVD player.
....that the DVD player in my living room is broken
....that I have been sitting on my couch for hours and still haven't gotten all the things done that I need to do to get ready for tomorrow...or showered!
...that my car smells like a 2 day old gym bag because I forgot to take my shoes out last night.
....that I take at least one self portrait every day.
I didn't say they were flattering, mostly makeupless, post workout pictures!

...that I am looking more forward to Sonic with my friends in the morning than I am my sleep tonight.  I have missed them all week!

My Life in an Instagram

I have been busy this week...

Stylin' and Profilin'

Sweet sweet baby


Sister 2

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