Monday, September 10, 2012

A Good Monday

How often can you say, oh, Monday was good this week?  I can today.  I had just the best day I have had in a while.  I have had some fair share of bad days or boring days over the last few weeks and today was nice.

I had another job interview today and it went really well.  I'm just hoping and praying for a new job, the right job, and that is really all I can do.  Anyway, today went good and gave me a new little pump of energy that I needed. 

I did get to the gym tonight, it was late but I got there.  I got there and did my workout and with 4 sprints left the treadmill shut down....again!  I don't know if I told y'all that before but on Friday when I tried to run sprint on the treadmill it moved for about 15 seconds and then shut down and caused me to juke my knee.  I got on every single treadmill in the room and they all were broken or skipped in one way or the other.  Needless to say, I was pretty pissed and the fact that it did it again tonight just aggravated me.  Its official 5 out of 5 treadmills are broken, 3 out of 5 elliptical are broken. 

For that reason today I went and checked out another gym.  It a little bit further away from my house but driving 2 more miles for equipment that isn't broken would be a fair trade.  The gym I went to visit today was twice the price of my gym and more focused on weight lifting/body building.  Probably not for me but it is an alternative...I don't want to change gyms, its such a hassle but I need equipment that work!!!!!

What I would really like to find is a normal gym that has a CrossFit box, a pool, spin class and other assorted classes, and a good price.  Is that asking tooooo much?  I don't want a tanning salon, that's one thing that is not on my list!  haha.

So wish me luck on finding a new job and finding a new gym.  Until then I will just walk on the broken treadmill and ride the bike in my living room!

This is totally normal right?!?!?!  Kitchen table, spin bike, couch....everyone's living room is set up like this right?!?!!

I do have one challenge this weekend.  The fair is in town!  I have become much more of a home body and less of a fair rat over the past few years, but I am drawn to cotton candy and foot long corn dogs.  I cant resist!  I am really only going one night this year, maybe for lunch a couple of days (at a restaurant, not the vendors) so I am trying to decide what to have as my indulgence this week, cotton candy or corn dog?!!?!?  Sugar or Fat?!!?!?!?  What to choose, right now I am leaning towards cotton candy because it is delicious and can last a few days while the corn dog only last a couple of minutes!

I think this will officially catch me up for the weekend!  I hope you all had a great weekend and a good Monday!

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Honeybee Gabriel said...

I'm happy to know that you have a good day. I wish you the very best of luck with your job search.

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