Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Tried Blogging From the Bike.... did not work.  The joy of having a spin bike in my living room is that I can get on my phone or iPad and watch TV all while riding what I assume is 45 miles a night.  Tonight I thought I would get fancy and blog while I was doing my warm up, which is just sitting and spinning with little cant be done.

I'm sure there are people out there that have the ability to type, balance a laptop, and spin at the same time but I am not one of them.  After typing the title I backspaced it and typed the one that is there, closed the computer and put in away.  There was no way I was going to be able to multitask all that at the same time.

Now that my bike ride is done I can actually type and tell you about my day.  I have had another really good day, both food and workouts.  Today is more of a 4-6 on the exertion scale, I had no weights just cardio today.  I had to help out my cousin this morning so I went to the gym around Lunchtime.  I say lunch time because I learned today, do NOT go to the gym if you are hungry and have not had lunch yet.  I spent the entire time thinking about lunch.  I was starving and couldn't focus on my workout....but I did get my 3.1 elliptical miles done in record time cause I was moving very quickly so I could eat lunch!!!!

I had a little treat for lunch today, Subway!  Nothing like a Turkey Sub to make your afternoon pretty special.  I spent the rest of my afternoon doing chores around the house and beginning of the month bill pay crap.  I really wanted to take a nap since I got a horrible nights sleep last night but instead I changed my sheets because I always sleep better on good clean sheets and I stayed awake in hopes that I will be exhausted tonight and sleep better!

I got all my house stuff done and all my get ready for tomorrow stuff done so I could ride tonight and go to bed all at a reasonable time.  I was overly productive today!

Once I got home tonight I got straight on the bike.  Another bonus to having the bike at your house is you can workout in whatever you want.  Tonight I have on old holey tight pants and a sleeveless shirt that need to be thrown in the garbage.  Ironically I will be throwing the pants away because while mounting on the bike I caught the crotch on the devil bike seat and ripped the entire crotch out.  My legs are incredibly sore from this week and my butt is just about done with this bike seat!!!!  I did get a good 35 minutes on the bike, mostly climbing because of the sore butt, with another good sweat and calorie burn.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with my girls at Sonic and then get in one of my hardest workouts of the week.  Tomorrow I have both weights and interval sprints and if I have any energy left I'm going to try the 7 minute burpee challenge again. I know I can do that one better than before.  This workout is a 15 on the exertion scale and with sore legs it will be even worse.  I'm hoping for a good restful nights sleep, some thigh recovery, and some Sonic will make this workout better.

What do you think, an entire post without one photos, not even a self portrait!  Wow!  I'll do better tomorrow.

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