Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's a Double Sided Sword

So my workouts lately have been on time!  I have really been kicking it at the gym and burning crazy lots of calories.  But I have not been seeing the weight loss I should be seeing.  The problem has to be my food.  I know it has not been the best lately, lots of birthdays, lots of snacks, meals at all hours of the day.  My schedule has been messed up so my food has been off.  I work well on a schedule so this whole unemployment thing has just messed me up a bit. 
I don't say any of this for sympathy, I'm simply explaining why you are going to see lots of pictures of my food over the next few weeks.  I have to get my food back under control.  I have been working so hard to get all this weight off that I have gained, but this seems to be my downfall.
Get ready to see lots of pics like this!!

(My sister already makes fun of my Instagram account for my "stupid" picutres so she is going to hate all the food pictures)  I'm happy to take any advice that you guys may have on my food.  This is more just a way to keep me in check to myself and to you guys as well.

Then I have this gem for you guys tonight.  I shared all of my workouts with you today so I wanted to make sure you got to see this as well.

After dinner tonight I got on the bike for a while.  I tried to get an entire hour on the bike but I didn't set the timer so I only had the TV to go by.  I might have been on for more than an hour...either way it was a good hard bike ride.  My legs are very glad it is over!!! 

Now I'm chillaxing on the couch shopping for swimsuits for my Island vacation!  I'm enjoying the sitting on the couch part more than the online shopping.

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