Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Job, New Gym, Things are a Changin'

I don't have a new gym, not yet as least, but today I went and visited a gym close to my work and I loved it!  Loved Loved LOVED it!!!!!  It's called D1 and they are a nationwide chain.  I saw things today that only I would smile about....for example...I walked in the door and there was a football field inside (smile), 6 undulation ropes (bigger smile), and a huge tire with a sledgehammer beside it (biggest smile ever!!!)  Its all I could imagine in a gym.  I'm blinded right now by all the cool stuff!  They don't have a cardio room, weight room, pool, etc.  Its got a weight room and then the workouts are done group training style on the football field.  All done with a personal trainer....soooooo cool. 

Best part, they are gonna let me try it out before I commit to paying way to much money to join a gym.  I will be taking them up on that free trial for sure and hopefully I will just love it and lose all the weight I have gained in the last year.  My weight has been going down over the last few weeks just not as fast as I would like.  I think a change of pace might be just what I need.

Why not change up lots of things?  New job, which I am still loving by the way, and new gym.  I already am too busy to eat so a new Athlete focused gym might be just what I need.

Now that Ive covered the "new" stuff, I have some pics to share from this weekend....  Remember I was a host home for D-NOW (Disciple Now) Church Camp.  I was hoping to get in a workout on Saturday when we went to the ropes course.  I had no idea I was going to get in a marathon, all on a trail, uphill both ways.  I burned my calories for sure, which was good because they fed me good at church. 

On Friday night I posted until they went to bed...well, they didn't go to bed, another movie....

They finally went to sleep, it wasn't real late, but later than I like to go to bed.
Double fisting it after a long night with children.

Their mothers wanted photos...

They were not so happy about that.

He is the best hula hooper ever.  Like for real, I just snapped the picture at a bad time.

That's the perfect size salsa

It was toooooo much wilderness for this FatGirl, but they loved it.

Session 3, the children listened....

The teachers were pooped!

 A day of Instagramming photos gives me lots of likes.

Now tomorrow I wont get to long run like I like to do on Wednesday afternoon, but hopefully chili wont get in the way this time, that's a lie I love it when chili gets in the way, but that's not why I am not running tomorrow.  Remember 2 weeks ago when I went to the dentist after 15 years (not that long really but way tooooo long) well tomorrow I get to go pay for all those years that I didn't pay to go to the dentist.

That's right folks, I will pay....tomorrow I am having my first ever root canal, my first ever crown and 2 fillings.  Eh!  I'm so not happy about this, especially since it happens at the same time as my long run.

Take my advise, just go to the dentist and don't grind your teeth.  That's really my big problem but I cant help that so I blame it on the years of not going to the dentist.

I think I am caught up.  Ill try to get back tomorrow!

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