Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This Whole "Damn" Day

I can already tell that you are thinking, "Oh great, she has had a bad day and now she is going to complain about it!"  Well you would be horribly wrong.  I have had a great day, but I have also had a day with very little human interaction so as I spent the day writing my blog post in my head (you know you all do it too) the only adjective I could think of to use for several things was "damn" so that's how Ill describe them to you.  And due to the lack of human interaction I can already feel like this will be a little wordy tonight.  Let's see how this day has gone....

For starters I had another day that I didn't get to workout in the morning.  I had to get up early and go talk to a guy about a possible job.  I had a really good meeting this morning.  I am hopeful about some of the things we discussed and will be going to shadow anther girl soon to see what the job is.  Yeah!  Sooooo glad for a good appointment.  The only down side was having to sit in the car for an extended period of time.  My butt is a little bit sore from sitting on that "damn" bike seat for an hour last night.

Then I got to go do a little shopping.  I had to get a new pair of tight pants (I know you will be very excited about that Sister 2)  She hates them, I love them, so I wear them in front of her so she can enjoy them too!  haha!  I had to get a new pair because my other ones are getting a "damn" hole in the crotch....that's where all my clothes get a hole first!!! 

I made a few more stops like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond just looking around but I didn't need anything but the tight pants.  I got home and started doing my workout math...I wanted to do my long run but I didn't want to start my run until 6pm so it would be cooler and I wouldn't get stuck in town with nothing to do before choir practice.  But I also needed to do my weights too so I could go before my run but how long was it going to take to do the weights so that I didn't have any down time.....I decided to get ready for my run and go to the gym at 4:30. 

I headed off to my workout. When I got there I was doing all those pre-workout things you do and I put on my wireless headphones and they wouldn't turn on.  I forgot to charge the "damn" headphones!  Luckily I had the ear buds that came with my phone and I am sooooo happy that I had them, but when you are used to wearing wireless and you all of a sudden have to deal with a cord it really puts a crimp in your style.  I was getting tangled in everything!!!!!

The "damn" headphones.
I overestimated just a bit because I had about 20 extra minutes, so I took that time and got on the "damn" StairMaster.  And it kicked my butt tonight.  I was ready to go out and just run and get off that stupid stair master.
The "damn" headphones tangled...again!!!!
I was already sad that I didn't have my headphones that I like.  (I know, I get it, First World Problems! I didn't have the wireless headphones so I had to use the ear buds that came with my iPhone, Poor Poor Pitiful Me!!!)  But about 2 steps into my run I realized that I couldn't control my volume or change the song!  Wahhhhh!  I officially hate these "damn" headphones!

So I was out to run!!!!!  Today the goal was 5 miles.  I have been slowly upping my mileage to get back to where I was and this was right on track.  5 miles and lots of hills today.  There is a race this weekend that I still haven't decided if I am running yet, but if I do I want to be ready and it is a 5k on a trail that has kicked my butt even in my most prepared years.  I started up the first hill like normal and it was tough!  It was pretty "damn" hot and I was sweating before I got to the top of the hill.  I ventured on and at the half mile point I had my first animal interaction (note: first) with a giant pit bull looking type of dog that scared the crap out of me....

All he did was bark but I jumped like he had bit me, luckily his owner was outside to witness my jump and curse!  I sped up a little bit at that point to get past the scary looking dog only to be chased around the corner by the tiny yappy dog.  These "damn" dogs were not going to leave me alone today.  But after the yappy dog I didn't have another dog run in.  Even my dogs that jump the fence to chase me most times didn't even bark at me. 

Other than the heat my run was going good.  My mile splits were getting better each mile as I got further and further along, even as I added some new hills to the run.  I found one hill that I will never be running/walking again, even if I have to run 2 miles to get around it I am not going up it again.  I just kept going and going.  That hill was right at the 2 mile point and once I got done with it I didn't have anymore big hills and my run was getting better and better.  I was pleased with my run tonight...

At the halfway point there was a few more animal interactions that were scarier than the "damn" dogs.  I was running on the sidewalk and there were several trees/shrubs that were grown up and kinda over my head, and this "DAMN" bird flew out when I got under the bush and got this close to my head! 

How close???!?!?!?!  I'm glad you asked....

This close!!!!!

I have talked about my fear of birds in the past, this is not cool, its not funny, it was toooooooo close and I almost cried.  I stopped to walk, shield my head, and wipe my eyes and a squirrel jumped out of the next bush and almost hit me!!!  Wildlife was not on my side today!  All these "damn" creatures!!!!!!

I finally got done with my run, I actually finished my run at 4.94 miles, and I went ahead and finished it up for 5.  I was so pleased with my run today.  I was pleased at the distance, the time and the way I felt when I was done.  I was glad to get out of my super sweaty clothes and go to choir practice.  It was really hot and I was sweaty from head to toe! 

When I was changing in the parking lot my sweaty pants left a wet spot on the concrete...that's sweaty!

I got cleaned up and headed off to choir practice.  I was on an endorphin/good run high so it was loads of fun.  We sang, we danced a little bit, we had a jolly good time.  (Side note:  at practice tonight there were 2 people with gum, and one clapper.  Another thing about me you should know is that I hate repetitive noises.  My sisters say I need Xanax to deal with it cause it drives me nuts, and this was the trifecta.  A smacker, a popper, and a clapper, oh my!!!)   A jolly good time that latest pretty late and I was already starting to stiffen up when we left. 

I am very happy to be home and sitting on my couch to recover.  Well, recover and watch football.  I need to be recovering and watching football after  I shower but I'm really starting to feel all 5 of those miles and the weights that I did tonight.  I need to go ahead a do what I need to do before I fall asleep on the "damn" couch.  I knew I could get one more in before I signed off tonight!

Night all!

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