Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tweeting Through My Workout

This morning I slept in just a bit...I didn't make it to they gym between 9-10am like I try to do, instead I stayed in bed and drank my breakfast.  This is new for me, lots of protein, middle ground on the calories for a drink, and this one was not so good.  It was a bit chalky.  The berry one was much better.

I finally got up and went to they gym but I went in around noon because I was trying to get in my workout and then go straight to the pool to swim with my swimming buddy.  I thought I could kill 2 birds with one stone and get all my gym stuff done in 4 hours.

Well, turns out the gym is dead around noon.  All the business men come in around 11 and do their workouts so they were finishing up, and all the old people are done and at home.  So I had the gym to myself, and after about 30 minutes I got bored and started tweeting and taking pictures of my workout!!!!

Still having to workout in the Cardio/Sauna Room.  It was 82.5 degrees when I got there.

Empty, they all gave up on the heat!!!!

My motivation after 45 minutes....I heart you Chris Powell!!!!!

New all time high on the Calorie Burn!

Yep, that was the first part of the workout...I was entertaining myself and got through 60 minutes on the elliptical, over 4 miles and approx. 840.7 calories, and if you consider the sweat and the heat I probably lost 41 pounds. 

Then I was off to the Aerobics room to do my 7 minutes of Burpees.  They are really more like Up/Downs because I was taking my entire body to the floor every single time.  7 minutes is a really long time and I did not do good in this little challenge.  After about the first 2 minutes I was pretty sure I was going to die and I had only done like 10 Up/Downs.  I took a "lay on the floor" break and a "wipe the pouring sweat from my brow" break, and the "go get a drink of water because I need another break and I have no excuse for it" break!

35 Complete Up/Downs in 7 Minutes, then the view from my 10 minute recovery!  I just prayed that it didn't fall because I couldn't breath or move to get out of the way of the punching bag.

I know I can do better at this, 35 is a sad number to put up.  I'm not even going to wait another week to re-try this, I know I can get at least 50 in 7 minutes.  Maybe I should do this before 60 minutes of cardio!

I finally got done with my part of the workout, I took a mini-break, had some chocolate milk and put my swim suit on and got in the pool.  We did out swim lesson for the week and then I was off to watch some volleyball.

I liked having the gym all to myself today but I obviously got bored with all those pictures!!!!  Tomorrow will be another mid-day workout day so get ready for some more pictures.  Now I have to eat some food, I burned 15039 calories at least so I must eat some dinner.  I feel a small bike ride in my future, you know post dinner, pre bed workout. 

PS While I was working out the dude came in and fixed the air.  I was happy to be a part of this moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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