Wednesday, October 24, 2012

As Promised...

Well, I said I was gonna post tonight and here I am.  I don't know about y'all but today this week has been a doozie!!!  I haven't done anything but work/workout/sleep.  I haven't watched any of my stories. 

Now my workouts have been absolutely amazing this week.  I actually feel like I am getting better each workout...that being said....I am so sore I cant move and I'm pretty sure my whatever injury is back and better than ever.

Let's see....this week we did a sprint workout where we pulled a sled followed by leg weight.  That workout I got bragged on for my squats!  Apparently all the years I have been doing squats, I have been doing them wrong, who knew?!?!?  So I have really been working on the squats.  They are better apparently.  Then after Tuesdays workout I went out and got in about a mile job.  Nothing to fast or far but just a little bit extra burn like suggested! 

I was pretty sore after Tuesdays workout but I could move.  Today was a circuit of core, plyometric exercises, and full field sprints.  Then arms in the weight room today.  I was killing it today.  Lifting heavy but not to heavy, and NOT finishing last!!!!!

I left on time with no extra burn today so I could get to work.  End of the month is upon us and I'm trying to stay ahead of the game so I have to go in early and stay a little bit late.

Now tonight I am so sore I cannot move.  So sore that I am officially taking a pain pill, no more aleve tonight.  To get sleep tonight I am going for the big dogs.  I need sleep!!!  I cant move my left arm again!  It just sits next to my body in hopes that I don't need to use it.  And if I sneeze, cough, or laugh the pain is just to much to handle.

What it looks like on the outside...

what it feels like on the inside!!!

Tomorrow morning I will play the workout by ear.  Depending how the arm, rib, chest feels.  I'm afraid I might have broken a rib or something.  I'm to busy this week to go to the doc but maybe I can fit it in next week.  Xrays don't take that long right?

Thanks for listening to me rant a little.  I hope it all feels better tomorrow.

SometimesThings Need To Be Put In Perspective...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'll Do It Tomorrow!

Ha, Ill have a real post for you tomorrow but tonight by body is sore, my brain is tired and I have to get in bed at a decent hour so I can get up early and do it all again tomorrow.

Here is just a preview....

In case you cant see that is an ice pack down the front of my shirt...that's right, the tumor/broken rib/"area"/chest pain is back in full force!!!!

I live for the ice pack BABY!

Ill have a good post tomorrow!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Fun

Wow, its been too many days since I got on here and posted but please don't think I was being lazy.  I have been up early and home late.  And all that time in between has been packed full.  The last time I got to get online was on Wednesday.  Lets see what all I have done since then. 

Thursday it was known that I was going to miss my D1 workout because I had an early morning dentist appointment to get my new tooth.  That phrase just makes me laugh.  I went to get my permanent crown, which is still a little sore BTW...but I was at the dentist bright and early.

I am just loving my new dentist.  I was not looking for a new dentist, my old one was perfectly fine, but I was not where I could go to him anymore.  I am out of town now and I had to make a few changes to get my teeth fixed.

this photo was taken as a joke for my sister but I got such a chuckle at the conversation to follow that I had to share.  Maybe you can get a chuckle too.

So there you have it....I hope you think my new tooth is pretty too and my photo is funny!!!

Now the idea for Thursday night was to go home and just get ready for the next day...hahah....that didn't happen.  Around noon I got a text from my sister telling me about a banquet I was invited to that evening.  It was a sports banquet and I go to all the games might as well go to the banquet too.  

When I got there Patty (New Sister: She doesn't have a name yet, I'm working on it) had broken into the 21st century and got an iPhone.  Only problem is she had no idea how to use it, she had a 9 month old stretched out case on it, and none of her contacts or calendar on it.  So that night it was off to her house to fix the phone.

 My sisters said she needed a Otter Box, I don't think an Otter Box could have protected it against the lawn mower blade!!!!

I didn't get home until really really late so I was workoutless on Thursday and already short on sleep for the next days workout.

Friday at the gym is my favorite.  It is the only day that is dedicated to a large circuit.  The entire football field is set up on both sides and you just do it as many times as you can, no breaks. 

Part 1:  Sled hammer, abs, little yellow hoppy things.

This workout was a little bit easier than last week because I made it through twice instead of 1.5 times like last week.

Part 2:  Latter with hands, climbing up and down the big blocks and latter again on hands.  This hurt bad!!!

Those balls in the back corner was the point that I thought I was going to vomit....but I moved on to push ups, curls and latter again.

Worst part by far:  Bear Crawls with weights....I almost died here!

Just in case you don't know what bear crawls are!
And finally my favorite!

This week I made it through the workout twice.  I kept telling myself it is because I am getting stronger and faster!  I don't know if that is possible in one week "but that's my story and I'm sticking to it."

Friday night finished up with a ballgame and finally the bed.  

 Haha, the game was cold and he didn't have his own hat!  Hellooooo, kitty!

I was pretty much pooped at this point.  Well so pooped that I slept til 10 today.  I did get up and go to the gym to swim with my swimming buddy.  Then it was a much needed trip to the grocery store.  This was that $150 dollar trip that you have to take like once a month (I have done good and stretched it out as best as I can but you have to have toilet paper and paper towels.)  I was actually excited to have groceries again.

Before :(

On top of shopping and swimming I finally folded that gigantic pile of laundry and picked up my house.  I like to start the week off with a clean house because my work days are longer now than they used.  Now I can pack my workout bag and my lunch bag!

OK, I am officially up past my bed time...again.  Night all!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Little Later Than Normal

So the last few weeks I would have been in bed for an hour by now, even drifting into REM sleep, but not tonight.  I am up way past my bedtime....the first number is 2 digits.  The only reason I get to have this late bedtime is because I don't have a workout tomorrow.  Ok the workout still exist but tomorrow I get to go get my new tooth.  That doesn't sound to backwoods hillbilly does it?  I'm not getting a new tooth, just a permanent crown.  I am happy to get this temp crap out of my mouth.

My body is already happy in the idea of a day off.  I am still pretty sore.  Sore from the 1000 squats from yesterday, the 10000 sprints I did today, and the torn peck muscle and sprained butt muscle!  I know I worked hard today because I was 1000 calories over my burn goal today!!!  That's 3 days in a row!

I will still get in some sort of workout tomorrow, I'm thinking a run or a bike ride after work.  Hopefully I can do something that will help with the soreness and not make it worse.

Now that I have bragged about my late night I must go to bed!  I have been awake entirely way to many hours today and I have to be up soooooo early in the morning for The New Tooth!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All I Can Think of is Rest!

I don't know about y'all but I have been a very busy girl.  So busy that I have only worked and worked out and slept the last 2 days.  I have been good with my workouts this week, yes I am officially a member at D1!  That is a very good thing, and I am the only person that goes to the 7am class, that's a bad thing that's a good thing too.  I get lots and lots of personal attention at the 7am class, but I also get the locker room to myself for the post workout shower.  Today I just stood in the locker room frozen thinking about how much it was going to hurt to shower.

Today was a lot of football drills.  That is what I love.  Sports drills, along with grunting and groaning and sweating and cursing!  I just hope that tomorrow someone will show up for the class so the attention can be shared between me and someone else.  I'm also thinking of going for a short run after the workout.  The trainer suggested this today for an additional fat burn and I am looking for results so I might try to get in 10-20 minutes more of cardio.  I have to get used to this new intense workout schedule first....

I told you it was a good burn....

I have been so busy that I haven't done anything but work...I haven't taken any cute self portraits, I haven't cooked, watched TV, or even been grocery shopping. And the only laundry that I have done is washing my workout clothes so I can wear them the next day. I also haven't watched any of my stories this week!!!!!!  I have no idea whats going on on TV!!!  First things first you know...

What do you make with salsa, eggs, water, and protein shakes?

My goals for the rest of the week is to make it to an arms workout (my legs cant take much more), get groceries so I don't starve to death (if Sister 2 hadn't made chili this week I would have had nothing for lunch today), and get my new tooth (permanent crown!!)  I'm thinking if I can accomplish these 3 things it will be a success, if I can fold the laundry on top of that it will be just that much better.

I only leave you with one thing tonight.  I went to the Japanese restaurant this weekend and got the best fortune ever, then my sister and niece gave me theirs too....Ill take it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

D1 is Kicking My Butt (Or is it the Other Way Around?)

Today was day 2 at D1 this week.  I was out of town on Monday, then Tuesday and Wednesday I was tying to get caught up at that led to filling in the last 2 days of the week at the gym.  On Thursday I woke up early and headed off to the gym.  I was the only one there so it was one on one with the trainer, and he kicked my butt.  Literally, my butt is soooo sore, along with my legs and lower back.  I was hurting at 55 minutes in and just wanted to be done. 

This morning my motivation was lacking a little bit, along with my leg strength.  The alarm went off and as I was reaching for the snooze button a huge rolling thunder bombed and I jumped out of bed.  I think it was God's way of telling me to not sleep in and get up and go to the gym.

I need this alarm clock!

I got up and got dressed but I was not 100% sold on the gym this morning.  I got in the car and it was still pitch dark and raining.  No motivation whatsoever in this FatGirl....

This should never be any ones view from anywhere.

So I made the trip to the gym, about 30 minutes when its this early and headed in...and to my surprise it was a huge circuit!  I do love a my mood instantly lifted.

It had a few of my favorite things....

This was my Everest today.  You started in the middle and had to flat foot jump out to the edges.  It was sooo hard but I did it.  Proud moment!
The circuit started with sledge hammer hits, on to tire jumps, then forward/backward sprints, lateral jumps, walking push ups, jump rope, feet to hands ball crunches, pull-ups (which I still cant do but I'm working on it), legs lifts, squats, ab rollers, broad jumps, and finally the undulation rope.  All of these things with abs in between.  It was hard core!  I got through the entire circuit once and made it to the walking push ups before I ran out of time.

I was so glad that I went.  I did things that I didn't know I could do and survived the workout.  I am really really sore, again, but not as bad as last time.  Really just my lower back and legs today.  Hopefully I can get past this soreness as I get back into shape.  Ive decided to give D1 a real try for 3 months and if I see results that I am looking for I will keep going.

On my way to work I decided to stop by Starbucks for a Friday treat.  I somehow visited the slowest Starbucks in the whole wide world!  They took so long I was 1 minutes late for work, which normally wouldn't matter but today I had training so I was really trying to be on time.  When I got there, no training, so I drove to fast and recklessly for nothing!!!!

Anyway, I enjoyed my yummy latte, delicious Naked juice, and my not so healthy muffin.  For the first time in my life I learned that a blueberry muffin is perfect as it is, no need to put sugar on top...I never feel that way! 

Thirsty Turtle!

Not the best but you really have to work hard to ruin a blueberry muffin.

Now I have pumped my body full of anti-inflammatory, water, and another latte so its officially time for recovery sleep!!!!!  I leave you with one funny inspired by my D1 experience...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back From Vaca...

I have mixed feelings about being back from the beach.  First off, who ever wants to leave vacation, not me.  I also hated to come back early because I know my family is still down there having fun but I must work.  So that is what I did, I came back a little early with my bro in law and went back to work. 

I am excited to have my bed, and cooler weather (I don't love hot or sunburns so 55 degrees is alright with me.)  My vacation is not worthy of a play by play, it goes like this, wake up, beach, pool, beach again, lunch, beach, pool, shower, and out to eat dinner!  I ate good, I played hard and Ill share the pics now....

Drive Down:

 Me and 2 was a strange combo but we had a blast.


 "I carried a Watermelon!"

Lots and lots of groceries....


 Yum and Yummer...
 Lulu's is my favorite!
 No limit on these guys!!!

He was a good little eater.  I kept waiting for him to unbutton the pants.

Fun Times:

 The turtle was toted 43 miles on the trip.

 One to many towels!  Oops!
 Sorting Shells.
 The 6 year old opened her own nail funny.  I wish you could have heard the conversation.  Dad thought it washed off, not so much!

 Tom's on the Beach
I was trying to get a picture of my roommate...hate the camera shuffle.

Forced Family Photos: (not the real ones the ones I take)

 My favorite!!!

 Where are their parents?!!?!?!?
We were missing one, we were missing her real bad!  Love you baby!

Preciousness that was not posed, she did it by herself:


I was not prepared for the cold this morning!


Now the exhaustion of vacation and the drive overnight followed by a 12 hour work day has officially caught up to me. I am getting in bed, at 9:15, and heading to the gym for my first full workout at D1 tomorrow.  All last week was testing so they were abridged workouts, tomorrow its one full hour!   Woooo HOOOOO!!!
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