Monday, October 1, 2012

A Week in Review

I know its been a while since I last posted....I have been a busy little girl.  I have been working very long hours, very long, but I am trying to figure out my new job and all its different components.  I am still really enjoying my job and I am so happy to have found something that I like.

Another part of my week in review was cleaning out my old office and Retiring my Real Estate License. It a step that needed to be taken to move forward, but its also something that I loved, with people that I loved for 5+ years so that kind of hurt my feelings, but again, I have to look forward.

On top of the new job and longer than usual hours, I have had a lot of dental work done.  That's right, I went from a few fillings to a root canal, crown and 2 fillings all in the same day, and that was just one side.  We are not done yet.  Oh no, there is plenty more dental work to be done.  The dental work has hindered my workouts more than the long work hours.  I know that sounds like the greatest excuse ever but when I went to put on my tight pants the other day I could feel my heart beat in my tooth.

Root Canal in Progress (the doc loved that pic), lots of scary tools, it took hours for my face to wake up!

LOTS of Fro Yo after a Root Canal, like days of Fro Yo!

But today is the first day my teeth has felt like it might be back to normal.  I think I can finally do something other than squats and walking.  I am actually packing up my bag for the first trial day at D1 and I am soooooo excited about it.  I really want this gym to be great, just cause I need a gym that is great!  Not ok but great!

I have already packed up my bag for tomorrow and I have started wearing my BodyBugg again. 

I used to know how many calories I burned in most workouts so I stopped wearing it, but its been almost a year since I wore it and my workouts have changed a lot in a year.  So I'm sporting my Bugg again, I even ordered a new band for it because my old one stinks (bad!!!!!) and the new ones are shiny and fun...
This guy has been a staple on my arm in years past and now I'm having to get used to it again, and now I will have to get used to explaining what it is every five minutes.  haha....

I cant wait to tell you guys how the workout is tomorrow, good or bad I'm ready for my butt to be moving instead of sitting in my desk chair or in the car.  I would much rather have someone kicking it!

Other things of note that have happened this week....

~I bought my first pair of Tom's this week, and they are darling.  And comfy!

~My face is broken out like a school girl.  I do love adult onset acne.

~My sister cant roll her tongue but everyone else in the fam can...

 ~I have managed to lose my good white tshirt in my own house somewhere!

~ Tomorrow Ill post all the pics that go with this post!!!!  They wont come through on my email tonight!!!!

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