Wednesday, October 24, 2012

As Promised...

Well, I said I was gonna post tonight and here I am.  I don't know about y'all but today this week has been a doozie!!!  I haven't done anything but work/workout/sleep.  I haven't watched any of my stories. 

Now my workouts have been absolutely amazing this week.  I actually feel like I am getting better each workout...that being said....I am so sore I cant move and I'm pretty sure my whatever injury is back and better than ever.

Let's see....this week we did a sprint workout where we pulled a sled followed by leg weight.  That workout I got bragged on for my squats!  Apparently all the years I have been doing squats, I have been doing them wrong, who knew?!?!?  So I have really been working on the squats.  They are better apparently.  Then after Tuesdays workout I went out and got in about a mile job.  Nothing to fast or far but just a little bit extra burn like suggested! 

I was pretty sore after Tuesdays workout but I could move.  Today was a circuit of core, plyometric exercises, and full field sprints.  Then arms in the weight room today.  I was killing it today.  Lifting heavy but not to heavy, and NOT finishing last!!!!!

I left on time with no extra burn today so I could get to work.  End of the month is upon us and I'm trying to stay ahead of the game so I have to go in early and stay a little bit late.

Now tonight I am so sore I cannot move.  So sore that I am officially taking a pain pill, no more aleve tonight.  To get sleep tonight I am going for the big dogs.  I need sleep!!!  I cant move my left arm again!  It just sits next to my body in hopes that I don't need to use it.  And if I sneeze, cough, or laugh the pain is just to much to handle.

What it looks like on the outside...

what it feels like on the inside!!!

Tomorrow morning I will play the workout by ear.  Depending how the arm, rib, chest feels.  I'm afraid I might have broken a rib or something.  I'm to busy this week to go to the doc but maybe I can fit it in next week.  Xrays don't take that long right?

Thanks for listening to me rant a little.  I hope it all feels better tomorrow.

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