Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back From Vaca...

I have mixed feelings about being back from the beach.  First off, who ever wants to leave vacation, not me.  I also hated to come back early because I know my family is still down there having fun but I must work.  So that is what I did, I came back a little early with my bro in law and went back to work. 

I am excited to have my bed, and cooler weather (I don't love hot or sunburns so 55 degrees is alright with me.)  My vacation is not worthy of a play by play, it goes like this, wake up, beach, pool, beach again, lunch, beach, pool, shower, and out to eat dinner!  I ate good, I played hard and Ill share the pics now....

Drive Down:

 Me and 2 Bro-in-Laws...it was a strange combo but we had a blast.


 "I carried a Watermelon!"

Lots and lots of groceries....


 Yum and Yummer...
 Lulu's is my favorite!
 No limit on these guys!!!

He was a good little eater.  I kept waiting for him to unbutton the pants.

Fun Times:

 The turtle was toted 43 miles on the trip.

 One to many towels!  Oops!
 Sorting Shells.
 The 6 year old opened her own nail salon...so funny.  I wish you could have heard the conversation.  Dad thought it washed off, not so much!

 Tom's on the Beach
I was trying to get a picture of my roommate...hate the camera shuffle.

Forced Family Photos: (not the real ones the ones I take)

 My favorite!!!

 Where are their parents?!!?!?!?
We were missing one, we were missing her real bad!  Love you baby!

Preciousness that was not posed, she did it by herself:


I was not prepared for the cold this morning!


Now the exhaustion of vacation and the drive overnight followed by a 12 hour work day has officially caught up to me. I am getting in bed, at 9:15, and heading to the gym for my first full workout at D1 tomorrow.  All last week was testing so they were abridged workouts, tomorrow its one full hour!   Woooo HOOOOO!!!

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