Friday, October 12, 2012

D1 is Kicking My Butt (Or is it the Other Way Around?)

Today was day 2 at D1 this week.  I was out of town on Monday, then Tuesday and Wednesday I was tying to get caught up at that led to filling in the last 2 days of the week at the gym.  On Thursday I woke up early and headed off to the gym.  I was the only one there so it was one on one with the trainer, and he kicked my butt.  Literally, my butt is soooo sore, along with my legs and lower back.  I was hurting at 55 minutes in and just wanted to be done. 

This morning my motivation was lacking a little bit, along with my leg strength.  The alarm went off and as I was reaching for the snooze button a huge rolling thunder bombed and I jumped out of bed.  I think it was God's way of telling me to not sleep in and get up and go to the gym.

I need this alarm clock!

I got up and got dressed but I was not 100% sold on the gym this morning.  I got in the car and it was still pitch dark and raining.  No motivation whatsoever in this FatGirl....

This should never be any ones view from anywhere.

So I made the trip to the gym, about 30 minutes when its this early and headed in...and to my surprise it was a huge circuit!  I do love a my mood instantly lifted.

It had a few of my favorite things....

This was my Everest today.  You started in the middle and had to flat foot jump out to the edges.  It was sooo hard but I did it.  Proud moment!
The circuit started with sledge hammer hits, on to tire jumps, then forward/backward sprints, lateral jumps, walking push ups, jump rope, feet to hands ball crunches, pull-ups (which I still cant do but I'm working on it), legs lifts, squats, ab rollers, broad jumps, and finally the undulation rope.  All of these things with abs in between.  It was hard core!  I got through the entire circuit once and made it to the walking push ups before I ran out of time.

I was so glad that I went.  I did things that I didn't know I could do and survived the workout.  I am really really sore, again, but not as bad as last time.  Really just my lower back and legs today.  Hopefully I can get past this soreness as I get back into shape.  Ive decided to give D1 a real try for 3 months and if I see results that I am looking for I will keep going.

On my way to work I decided to stop by Starbucks for a Friday treat.  I somehow visited the slowest Starbucks in the whole wide world!  They took so long I was 1 minutes late for work, which normally wouldn't matter but today I had training so I was really trying to be on time.  When I got there, no training, so I drove to fast and recklessly for nothing!!!!

Anyway, I enjoyed my yummy latte, delicious Naked juice, and my not so healthy muffin.  For the first time in my life I learned that a blueberry muffin is perfect as it is, no need to put sugar on top...I never feel that way! 

Thirsty Turtle!

Not the best but you really have to work hard to ruin a blueberry muffin.

Now I have pumped my body full of anti-inflammatory, water, and another latte so its officially time for recovery sleep!!!!!  I leave you with one funny inspired by my D1 experience...

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