Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 1 at D1

Well today was the day, I finally got brave and gave D1 a shot.  I have really been wanting to get there but couldn't seem to get it worked out.  ok, I was a little bit intimidated and scared but wanted to go soooo bad.  Today I put on my big girl tight pants and marched in ready to workout.  After the warm up I was regretting that I haven't worked out regularly for 2 weeks.  I was sucking wind but it was soooo nice to be back doing an intense workout.

The guy that was the trainer was a former University of Alabama football player.  He was a good mix of encouragement and intimidation.  He yelled the workouts and encouraged when it started getting hard.  He made sure that all exercises were done right but pushed for more weight.  And the classes were pretty small.  I was thinking 6 o'clock was going to be packed but there were really only about 10 people in the class.  That's a lot of one on one time.

This week was week 1 of an 8 week cycle so they were doing testing which made the workout easier than it will be normally but that was good for me because again, not really worked out for 2 weeks.  I just loved this place.

They are soooo kind with the free trial, I am going back again tomorrow for the morning class to see how that one goes and to do a full workout that is not testing.  I want to see how the getting ready at the gym goes (sounds stupid but its really important!)  I need a shower and a blow dryer so there are not many places I cannot get ready.

I'm so excited I am already packed up and ready to head out the door in the morning....

Here's hoping that sister 3 does not read this tonight, this is her bag that I was going to borrow for a month to see if I liked it....its been like a year now...but I really like it.  If she doesn't see it here she will see it on Instagram or Twitter!

Now I can already feel the soreness beginning in my legs and my back and my arms and my fingers and my teeth (which are really feeling much better) and trying to pound some water before bed to help with the soreness.  I'm also having with my late night snack 3 Aleve!  I need to be able to move in the morning.

I did want to show you one more thing before I call it a night.  I didn't do much today but sit behind my desk.  Other than the occasional walk to the bathroom or car I was planted for the day, then the workout.  Look at the difference in my calorie burn.

That's consistently burning 18 calories a minute for an hour!  Good burn!
I cant wait to go back and do it all over again.....

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Anna Catherine said...

Looks very cool. Can't wait to hear about tomorrow's workout!

Emily said...

You should come one day!!!

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