Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Moment of Disappointment Today

I was still on an endorphin high from this morning's workout and my excitement of finding the supplements section of Earth Fare…ok Earth Fare in general.


I decided it was gonna be Chick-fil-A for lunch, yummy!  As I walked up to the entrance of Chick-fil-A there was a small curb that I had to step up on to get in the door.  I wobbled in pain strutted to the door and as I took that marvelous step, about 6 inches total, my leg picked that moment to completely stop working.  I almost fell into the drive through line.  I took a few steps and got my balance back and conquered the 6 inches and got my lunch but I was mortified!


Everyone in the drive thru line had a good view of the show.  Soooooo embarrassing!


Come back tonight and I will tell you all about day 2 at the gym and the excitement of Earth Fare, but for now lunch is over and its back to work.



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