Wednesday, October 3, 2012


This day has been non-stop all day long.  I had the opportunity to be home early tonight, I got out of work on time, dinner before 8 but then I went over to my dad's house and hung out for too long and now I'm just getting home and its almost 10pm.

This mornings I was up and out before 7.  The traffic is not bad at all when you leave that early so I just scooted to the gym.  I liked the morning workout better than the first night.  There were less people so it was a lot of one on one training time.  I was sore when I woke up but once I started moving I was ok...even through out the day I was up and down from my chair so I was not stiff.

Today's burn, followed by today's whining!

 I wish I had done this on purpose but I didn't, 'm sorry for the language but I had to share!

Then the whole debacle happened at lunch where I couldn't get up on the curb because my quad decided that it was not longer holding up my body.  Also at lunch today I got to experience the wonder of Earth fare.  I have been to Whole Foods and Fresh Market but none of those had the pharmacy that Earth Fare had...I was instantly in love!  I can get on a band wagon and I hopped right on the Organic wagon a few years ago, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw organic makeup and organic deodorant, and organic beauty products.  It was awesome!!!!!

As the day progressed I was getting more and more sore and way more stiff.  It was the drive home that did me in.  One whole hour in the car and I was done.  I could no longer move.  Every step looked like a 90 year old lady who stood up after a long movie!  Just for you Sister 2!

I did have a little happy when I got home today...

My Body Bugg band came in and I changed right to the zebra skin, but for some reason I am not able to log into my page so I don't know how good my burn was this morning.  I know it was a good one today because I was sweating and panting...that's the makings of a good workout.

So I got home and the soreness is just compounding.  So much that I don't know if I could actually do the workout tomorrow or not.  I can barely stand up from a chair much less so squat thrusts and dumbbell lifts.  I'm gonna pack up tonight but I'm going to have to play tomorrow by ear depending on how I am feeling in the morning.

I wish I had M&M's to go with mine.

Ive been eating Aleve like they were M&M's today so hopefully I will not hurt to bad tomorrow...cause we all know the 3rd day is not bad at all!!!!!

Now soon I have to get to all the things tonight I was gonna do before I got sidetracked with my errands...BTW funniest conversation today with Sister 2...

Me:  "I'm soooo sore!"  Whine whine "There are too many steps to get in your house!"
Sister2: "Why do you do this to yourself?" 
Me: " I can look good!!!" With a little inappropriate dance
Sister2:  "why, your Jamaica trip got cancelled and we don't care what you look like in a bathing suit!!!

That's why I love my family!!!!!  I'm getting ready to hit the beach, less than perfect bathing suit body and all.  That is what I have to do, pack!  I keep telling you more and more things to put off the one thing I don't want to do.  I just wanna go but I don't want to pack and clean and all those adult things you have to do before you can take a weekend away.

And if you are thinking about robbing me since Ill be out of town I will warn you, the last guy that came to rob me ended up vacuuming my floors and filling up my ice trays and leaving me a note apologizing for breaking in since I had nothing of value to steal.  So don't waste your time but if you do would you please wash my front window cause its really needs it.

Now on to the final procrastinating topic:  Toms!  Who knew these were so wonderful?!!?!?

I'm rocking the red right now, cause they are my only pair, but Ive got my eyes on the VOTE ones next!  In honor of the debate tonight.

One more thing!  I got caught!

I think that is it.  I have caught you up on my day, I got logged into the BodyBugg site, and I have told you everything that has happened today.  Now I have to go pack! 

Night folks!

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