Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One More Thing.....

If by chance you are riding or running along tomorrow and you see my displaced Rib please pick it up and mail it to me at:

Attn: My Abdomen Still Hurts (Really BAD)
300 This Workout is Not Helping St.
It Has To Get Better Eventually, OK 00911

That was my cleaver way of telling you that my stomach/side/chest pain is still there and I am beginning to think they were on the money with this whole dislocated rib thing but I don't know how to make that better.

Any suggestions would be taken seriously...if you have nothing serious to say just a comment with a cute limerick will be fine too!

1 comment:

Anna Catherine said...

There once was a maid from Madras
Who possessed a magnificent ass.
Neither round or pink,
As some might think,
It was gray, had long ears and ate grass.

You are welcome :-)

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