Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Fun

Wow, its been too many days since I got on here and posted but please don't think I was being lazy.  I have been up early and home late.  And all that time in between has been packed full.  The last time I got to get online was on Wednesday.  Lets see what all I have done since then. 

Thursday it was known that I was going to miss my D1 workout because I had an early morning dentist appointment to get my new tooth.  That phrase just makes me laugh.  I went to get my permanent crown, which is still a little sore BTW...but I was at the dentist bright and early.

I am just loving my new dentist.  I was not looking for a new dentist, my old one was perfectly fine, but I was not where I could go to him anymore.  I am out of town now and I had to make a few changes to get my teeth fixed.

this photo was taken as a joke for my sister but I got such a chuckle at the conversation to follow that I had to share.  Maybe you can get a chuckle too.

So there you have it....I hope you think my new tooth is pretty too and my photo is funny!!!

Now the idea for Thursday night was to go home and just get ready for the next day...hahah....that didn't happen.  Around noon I got a text from my sister telling me about a banquet I was invited to that evening.  It was a sports banquet and I go to all the games might as well go to the banquet too.  

When I got there Patty (New Sister: She doesn't have a name yet, I'm working on it) had broken into the 21st century and got an iPhone.  Only problem is she had no idea how to use it, she had a 9 month old stretched out case on it, and none of her contacts or calendar on it.  So that night it was off to her house to fix the phone.

 My sisters said she needed a Otter Box, I don't think an Otter Box could have protected it against the lawn mower blade!!!!

I didn't get home until really really late so I was workoutless on Thursday and already short on sleep for the next days workout.

Friday at the gym is my favorite.  It is the only day that is dedicated to a large circuit.  The entire football field is set up on both sides and you just do it as many times as you can, no breaks. 

Part 1:  Sled hammer, abs, little yellow hoppy things.

This workout was a little bit easier than last week because I made it through twice instead of 1.5 times like last week.

Part 2:  Latter with hands, climbing up and down the big blocks and latter again on hands.  This hurt bad!!!

Those balls in the back corner was the point that I thought I was going to vomit....but I moved on to push ups, curls and latter again.

Worst part by far:  Bear Crawls with weights....I almost died here!

Just in case you don't know what bear crawls are!
And finally my favorite!

This week I made it through the workout twice.  I kept telling myself it is because I am getting stronger and faster!  I don't know if that is possible in one week "but that's my story and I'm sticking to it."

Friday night finished up with a ballgame and finally the bed.  

 Haha, the game was cold and he didn't have his own hat!  Hellooooo, kitty!

I was pretty much pooped at this point.  Well so pooped that I slept til 10 today.  I did get up and go to the gym to swim with my swimming buddy.  Then it was a much needed trip to the grocery store.  This was that $150 dollar trip that you have to take like once a month (I have done good and stretched it out as best as I can but you have to have toilet paper and paper towels.)  I was actually excited to have groceries again.

Before :(

On top of shopping and swimming I finally folded that gigantic pile of laundry and picked up my house.  I like to start the week off with a clean house because my work days are longer now than they used.  Now I can pack my workout bag and my lunch bag!

OK, I am officially up past my bed time...again.  Night all!

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